Chia Seed Pudding


Travelling around a city , and having no kitchen has been a challenge the last few days. As people with food allergies know , it’s always a bit scary when you haven’t made it yourself. But the last few days haven’t been so bad. And I really like how Allergens have to be listed on things now. It’s about time to be fair.. but anyway. Chia Seed Pudding has been a little god send these past few days. It’s not really a recipe, it’s so simple to make. And you can top it with what ever you like! I love fresh fruit or nut butters best. It take a minimum of 4 hours to set though. Making it overnight is great too. This makes one serving.

Recipe :
2 Tbs Chia seeds
3/4 Cup Almond Milk
1 tsp Sweetner of choice
Vanilla paste (Optional )

I pop everything into a jar and give a really good shake. Otherwise pop into a bowl and give a good whisk. These seeds will congeal fast so keep them moving to disperse evenly ! An extra shake or whisk a half hour later is great too !

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Rhubarb Mini Vanilla Cheesecakes!


There’s so much fruit in season right now , it’s making me seriously happy ! Rhubarb , Blueberries , Peaches , Blackberries the list goes on. I love when everything is abundance and you can really play with them. I love keeping fruit as simple as possible specially when it’s an amazing quality and you just want to make it the star of the show. I wanted a quick and simple dessert that I could showcase all of this fruit on and a basic like plain Cheesecake appealed. Also , my love of all things mini kicked in and it made sense as then I could top them as I please! Besides I adore cheesecake in every form. These are entirely plant based and gluten free too.  This made 12 Mini Cheese Cakes but they were pretty small.

Recipe :

Base :
1 1/2 Cup Pumpkin seeds
10 Dates
1 Tbs Nut Butter or Tahini
1/2 tsp Cinnamon

Filling :
1 1/2 Cups Soaked Cashews (4 hrs min)
1/4 Cup Sweetner (Maple or Honey I’d suggest )
1/4 Cup Oil (I used a palm , organically and responsibly sourced )
1/4 Milk (I used Almond but I think rice would work too  )
1 Tsp Vanilla paste
(Optional 1/2 Cup of Almond yogurt -makes them lighter but not necessary )

Topping : options
Stewed Rhubarb
Fresh Blueberries
Home made Blueberry Jam
Stewed Peaches
Fresh Blackberries
Mixed Berry jam
Whatever is in season.

Pop all base ingredients into a processor and blitz into a dough when (you squish it it should stick together ).

Pop these into the bottom of your cases. I really recommend loose bottom or silicone moulds just to get them back out ok. Squish them down firmly and pop in the freezer. While you make the filling.

For the filling ,  drain and rinse the Cashews and blitz into a nice creamy consistency in the processor. Once it’s all smooth pour onto your now cold bases. Let them freeze for 40 minutes to an hour whilst you make your topping.


For ours I cooked a cup of chopped Rhubarb with a little fructose sugar and water and brought it to a simmer for 10 minutes. Let that cool and piled it high.


I only top a few at a time, the Cheesecakes will keep for a week or two in an air tight container in the freezer … mine never last longer than that anyway ..too many sweettooths in this house !


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Ginger and Garlic Cauliflower Steaks.


I’ve been playing with marinading veggies for a while now. But this one one is by my favourite so far. I love the idea of Cauliflower Steaks too. And as I’ve professed before I do love how versatile Cauliflower is.  I always love the combination of Garlic and Ginger , great for flavor and a super food double up! Ginger is fantastic for digestion , and inflammation. Whilst Garlic has influence with the cardiovascular system , helping regulate blood pressure and blood flow. They pack a punch in more way than one ! So having a boat load of them from last week’s haul at the Farmers Market , it was the perfect time to play.


I marinated these during the day while I worked , but I imagine over night would be great too. And don’t worry if your Cauli doesn’t lent it’s self to stakes – some will just fall apart – but litte florets in this marinade would be great too!


Recipe :
1 Large Cauli
2″ Piece of Ginger
2 Cloves Garlic
Juice of a Lemon
1/4 Tsp Cardamom
1 Tbs Oil

Optional topping :

Handful of Parsley
Pine nuts
Lemon Zest.

Chop the Cauli in the steaks the best you can (Mine were about half and nice thick). And pop them into a baking dish or a Food bag. Chop the Garlic and Ginger and add too the bag with them Lemon juice, Cardamom , Oil and a sprinkle of Salt. Give everything a good coating and mix them about. Then you can leave this to sit in the fridge as long as you like.
I had mine in for the day, but I imagine overnight would be good too!

Then once you’re ready, pop the oven on to 400° and pop the Steaks into a baking tray if they’re in a bag. Then let them go in the oven for about 30 minutes (they may need longer if you cut them thicker ) check them until they’re tender.

I topped these with the Lemon , Parsley and Pine nuts. Just a good Sprinkle of each !

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Goodness Gracious Greens. Garlic Greens and Mushrooms on Toast.


Wanted to do something with the abundance of greens I currently have growing in the garden. They looked so bright and healthy I really wanted something that just focused on them.


How cute are they ?!?
They’re incredibly easy to grow too. And let’s face it, we all could do with a few more greens in our lives.



Ok so this recipe is just so wonderfully simple and rustic. Hope you like it.

Recipe :
Handful of fresh greens (soft ones , I used Chard and Baby Kale )
2 Cloves of garlic
Oil (  I used Olive )

Optional : Extra Virgin Olive oil to finish.

Chop 1 Clove of Garlic and your Mushrooms while you gently heat a little non stick pan. Once the pan is warm, add a Splash of Oil, the Garlic and the Mushrooms. Let them all get on together while you chop your greens.

Once your Mushrooms have a little colour, add your greens and gentley sauté while you pop your Bread in the Toaster.

Once your bread is toasted and still warm , chop your final Garlic clove in half , and give the bread a little rub with the Garlic.

By now your greens should be good to go. Give them a little spritz with the  Lemon  and pile them high on your Toast.  You can add an extra drizzle of some yummy Extra Virgin olive oil if you like. And a pinch of salt.

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Farmers Markets and Fruit Salads !


Ok so this one isn’t a recipe as such. But just fun ways of making the best from fresh local produce. I really really belive in supporting local businesses. I know it’s more convienent to pop into a shop and grab a load of goodies all in one place. But venture out into your local farmers markets, or order a produce box from a local farm or Greengrocer. I promise you you won’t be disappointed. You might even save yourself a few pennies too. Go see them, be inspired !

Having things fresh and organic is not only delicious but beautiful too.


Just a simple pate full of colours and flavors will brighten up anyone’s mood.

Or even go one step further and plant a few seeds ! It’s so rewarding watching things blossom and grow. I grew this beautiful Papaya seed from a tiny little seed. I lost count of how much fruit it gave me. I’m the garden currently I have a new Starfruit tree and a Peach tree covered in blossoms. It makes me so happy to go out there each morning.
This year I’m pretty eager to plant some edible flowers ! I feel some pretty Salads coming my way this Spring 🙂

In the photo at the top Recipe :

Made two portions as above

1 Ripe Papaya
2 Ripe Mangos
1 Cup full of Blue Berries
Sprinkle of Pumpkin seeds
Topped with fresh Basil and Mint!

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Lentil Pasta with Spicy Mediterranean Veggies !


A few months ago I discovered a box Lentil Pasta in one of my favourite clearance stores. I took it home slightly unsure of how it would face up. I’ve been a Brown Rice Pasta  lover for a long time. How would a Grain free Pasta hold up to some serious flavour ? The answer ? Brilliantly. It’s excellent. Plus it makes me feel less guilty after two  a plate full! Lentils are also a good source of plant based protein so they’ll keep you full without the post carb food malaise. Win win . After that I searched the shelves for weeks hoping to find it again with no avail… Until now , sitting proudly on the shelves ! Stocked up this time… girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Hope you enjoy !

Ps. Don’t worry if you can’t find the lentil pasta , this dish works with all kinds !

Recipe :
1/2 Cup Aubergine (eggplant )
1/2 Cup Pepper (any other than green)
1 Small Red onion
1/2 Cup Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 Jar Pasatta or Pasta Sauce
2 Cloves of Garlic
1/2 tsp Harissa or pinch of Red Pepper flakes.
Oil of choice
1 Cup Lentil Pasta

Optional toppings : Fresh Basil or Oregano , Sundried Tomatoes.

Pop a pan of water on to boil. While you chop the veggies , not too fine ,about 1cm dice. Then chop or grate the garlic.

Once the waters boiled , throw some salt in. And add your Lentil Pasta. Set a timer for 8 minutes.

Heat a sauté pan with a little oil, add your pile of veggies and give everything a stir. Pop the Garlic in too. Once they’re starting to soften , add you Pasatta or Pasta sauce , and your Harissa or Chilli flakes. Give everything a good stir and check for seasoning.

Once the pasta is cooked , remove a little bit of the water , then drain. Toss pasta into the sauce. If it’s a little thick add a few spoonfuls of the remaining water.

Pile on a Plate and top with optional fresh herbs and Sundried Tomatoes.


Peanut Butter Balls dipped in Carob Ganache


At this time of year I tend to get a little “Sweetie envy”. Everyone tucking into delicious Chocolates and bags of sweets , all of which I can’t have !! So this year it was going to be different. Having never actually eaten Chocolate and Peanut butter together I was rather intigued by the whole idea, knowing they were a favourite of a whole host of friends!  And so I set about making a me friendly version ! And they were too bad either ….

Recipe : 


1/2 Cup of smooth Peanut Butter softened.
1/3 Cup Organic Confectioners Sugar (icing ) (not a usual weapon in my arsenal but it is Christmas )
Pinch of Vanilla Powder.

Combine everything into a smooth paste and then roll into even little balls. Mine made 28. But I think it would have made 30 had I not eaten a spoonful of it…

Give a little board or plate another dusting of Icing Sugar to stop them sticking. I popped these in the fridge to harden a little over night.

Recipe :

Carob Ganache

2 tbs Organic Vegetable Shortening
1tbs Maple Syrup
2 tsp (heaped ) Carob Powder
Splash of Milk or Choice (or cream if that’s your thing )

Melt the shortening and the Maple syrup together.
Take off the heat and put in a cool bowl and  quickly whisk in the Carob bit by bit. It has a caking quality to it so go easy and if it gets too clumpy start with a tea spoon or so of the Milk. Once everything is combined and nice and velvety , as it cools slightly dip in the PBB and place back in the fridge to set (or the freezer for a short while if you’re as impatient as I am! )

These kept me feeling pretty smug while everyone else tucked in this year !!


Almond and Carob Energy Balls… with a little Christmas Spirit !


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m often nibbling on random snacks , and these are one of my favorites. My obsession started with these a year or two ago after spotting some on Pinterest. Since then I’m not even sure if I have ever made the same kind twice !
I’m getting ready to travel over the next few days , and what better travelling companion than an extra boost of energy !
Since I was feeling gluttonous festive I thought I’d sweeten these little ones up and top them with a little Marzipan…(yes. I’m that one in the family that adores it. Yes I will have the bit you left. Thanks.) I’m pretty pleased with how cute these turned out so decided to share !

The great things about these little balls are the combinations are endless. I used dates as the base here but dried  Apricots are another favorite. Raisins work well too!
And you can add any “Booster” you like depending on what your body is asking for at that time !

They freeze great too….. sorry. Sales pitch much?

Recipe :
1/2 Cup Almonds
1/4 Buckwheat Groats (optional but add a lovely crunch )
1 1/2 Cups of Medjoul Dates
1tbs Oil of choice
2 tbs (heaped ) Carob
1tbs Date Nectar ( Honey or Maple will work too)

Then pick your booster !!
1 Tsp of
Some options :

Or a combination of any ! I went with Maca and Hemp today.

Recipe : Pop the nuts and groats on a baking sheet and out in a 375° oven to toast for 10 minutes.
When they are toasted add the nuts only to a food processor and whizz up to break them down in size. It’s best to pulse here, we aren’t making nut butter!
Once they are aren’t crumbly rubble add the dates , and pulse again until things start to get sticky. Then add the Oil, Carob, Date Nectar, and a little pinch of Salt here and Wizz till everything is sticky. Add your Booster now too!
Once were all sticky , pop into a bowl and mix through the toasted Buckwheat if you’re using.

Roll these into even balls. Mine are about 2cm round.

I then topped these with some delicious all natural Marzipan and a tiny piece of Goji berry for decoration !

More information on Booster Choices coming soon….


Raw Lemon Lime Cheesecake !


Concidering I only made this as I had Lemons and Avacados that needed using up before I left for the weekend I’m really happy with the results ! Having never been a fan of Avacado I now have to say I’m a full convert. You can do soo much with it ! Using it in baking and desserts have been my favourite newfound loves. And here it works excellently to get the creamy smooth finish that you want from a cheesecake !!  Thanks Avacado. You Green squishy beaut.


Sorry. Couldn’t help it. It’s so cute.

Moving on. I was aiming along the lines of a Key Lime pie crossed with Lemon Cheesecake. Oh by the way it takes a little prep time as you need to soak the nuts and seeds over night to process them! It needs freezing time too…

Here’s what I did :

Makes a 5 inch Cheesecake

Recipe :

Base :
1 Cup Oats
1 Cup Ground Almonds
2 tbs Oil or Earth balance
2 tbs Maple Syrup or Honey.

Line your pan with wax paper.

Blitz everything in a food processor until a dough starts to form. And flatten it down into your tin. Pop this in the freezer to start chilling.

Middle :

1/3 Cup Cashews (soaked over night )
1/3 Cup Pumpkin seeds ( soaked over night)
2 Small Avacados
2 Lemons
1 Lime
1/2 Cup Honey or Maple Syrup. (Or to your taste )

Put Cashews and Pumpkin seeds into a food processor and blitz. Once finely ground , add Avacados blitz again until smooth and creamy. Add juice and zest of Lemons and Lime and add your sweetner too ! Blitz again until smooth and thinner. It will smell pretty beautiful at this point too !
Pour this into the nicely chilled Base and pop back in the freezer !

2 Lemons
1tbs flax seed
1/4 Cup Nut butter of choice
1 Tsp Tumeric (just for colour )
2 tbs Honey or Maple Syrup.

Juice and zest Lemons into a processor, add everything else and blitz till smooth. Add this layer to the top when the under neath layer is already firm other wise they might mix.

Pop everything into the freezer for 3hrs. Of if you are making this in advance freeze as long as you like but make sure you can defrost for an hour or so before serving.  If only seven slices defrost maybe 15 mins. You still want it frozen to maintain shape !


I added a Beetroot juice frozen rose and Buck wheat I had toasted for 10 mins in the oven to decorate (obvs toasted Buckwheat isn’t raw for those out there that keep it raw , you could use fruit or perhaps be pollen if not Vegan ).

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Rooty Fruity Juice


I’m way to pleased with the name I just came up with for this juice …. it’s the little things.

I know there are alot of different opinions on juicing, the whole sugar content vs fiber content debate etc etc. But for me personally I’ve found juicing a really useful little tool to get a high amount of vitamins and minerals into my body , quickly and easily digested.
It also great when you just want something light , without sacrificing nourishment. Besides , they taste great too, and I’m all about that.

So my juices usually have a vegetable base and that base is usally Carrots. Unless I’m going for a green juice and I swap the veg out for a Cucumber (not only great for hydration but a good volume boost for the juice ).
In this juice I use a few root veggies as a base . I also include a Sweet potato. I know that can be a little off putting to some , I know when I first read about it I thought it was a little “out there”. But it’s good ,specially combined with a little citrus! And I don’t need to lecture anyone on how amazing Sweet potatoes are …
I will however lecture you on the importance of Beetroot ! This little powerhouse of goodness is a natural anti-inflammatory thanks to its Choline content ! It’s also a good source of Alpha Lipoic acid , which is thought to help with neuropathy from illness such as  Diabetes or Dysautonomia. Beetroot also helps with blood flow so is just all round excellent. Besides , I’m completely in love with its colour so I don’t need too much persuasion to be fair .

Last note …This juice warmed on a cold winter night is a personal fave. But it’s great Raw too!

Recipe :
3 Large Carrots
1 Large Beetroot
1 Medium Sweet Potato
2 Oranges  (I used Blood Oranges )
2 Tangerines
1 Lemon (optional but since raw Lemon juice is pretty amazing for alkaline  I do recommend )

Just peel chop and juice !

I like the addition of Citrus to juices as they’re a good source of electrolytes, which is vital for balanced hydration ! Though I have to admit I do have a supply of the most beautiful organic citrus fruit from a kind friend , once you’ve inhaled the aroma surrounding the trees , you can’t help but fall in love !

And tadddaaaaa! Wellness on the go….