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Rooty Fruity Juice


I’m way to pleased with the name I just came up with for this juice …. it’s the little things.

I know there are alot of different opinions on juicing, the whole sugar content vs fiber content debate etc etc. But for me personally I’ve found juicing a really useful little tool to get a high amount of vitamins and minerals into my body , quickly and easily digested.
It also great when you just want something light , without sacrificing nourishment. Besides , they taste great too, and I’m all about that.

So my juices usually have a vegetable base and that base is usally Carrots. Unless I’m going for a green juice and I swap the veg out for a Cucumber (not only great for hydration but a good volume boost for the juice ).
In this juice I use a few root veggies as a base . I also include a Sweet potato. I know that can be a little off putting to some , I know when I first read about it I thought it was a little “out there”. But it’s good ,specially combined with a little citrus! And I don’t need to lecture anyone on how amazing Sweet potatoes are …
I will however lecture you on the importance of Beetroot ! This little powerhouse of goodness is a natural anti-inflammatory thanks to its Choline content ! It’s also a good source of Alpha Lipoic acid , which is thought to help with neuropathy from illness such as  Diabetes or Dysautonomia. Beetroot also helps with blood flow so is just all round excellent. Besides , I’m completely in love with its colour so I don’t need too much persuasion to be fair .

Last note …This juice warmed on a cold winter night is a personal fave. But it’s great Raw too!

Recipe :
3 Large Carrots
1 Large Beetroot
1 Medium Sweet Potato
2 Oranges  (I used Blood Oranges )
2 Tangerines
1 Lemon (optional but since raw Lemon juice is pretty amazing for alkaline  I do recommend )

Just peel chop and juice !

I like the addition of Citrus to juices as they’re a good source of electrolytes, which is vital for balanced hydration ! Though I have to admit I do have a supply of the most beautiful organic citrus fruit from a kind friend , once you’ve inhaled the aroma surrounding the trees , you can’t help but fall in love !

And tadddaaaaa! Wellness on the go….


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