Sunday Morning Breakfasts 🧑 Chia seed pudding with orange water, topped with Buckwheat and Fig πŸ§‘

I love figs. And Sundays. And breakfast. So as you can imagine this one kinda ticks all the boxes for me. I love love love waking up to a pre prepped breakfast. Be it overnight oats or chia seed pudding I feel a little smug knowing when I wake up breakfast is already done and my only responsibility is to now make it pretty… Specially since its Sunday -so I don’t need to worry about making any thing else pretty. It’s an un tamed hair and no makeup time. Sheets stripped from all the beds time. House generally upside down time. And all of this gets ignored as there is book or a bike ready and waiting for me… ahh Sunday how I love you 🧑

Anyway I digress. This Breakfast is so so simple to make and in winter months (you know for people not living in Florida) you can gently heat this recipe and serve with a warm fruit compote. These puddings and overnight oats really are so so versatile. The combinations are endless.

For some other suggestions here are a some other flavour combinations :πŸπŸ‚/πŸ’š/

This recipe with Orange water and figs tips the scale a little in a fall flavour category. But works beautifully together.

This serves one but can be very easily multiplied up.

If using the Buckwheat I always soak this separate as it needs a good rinse the next morning. If not skip this step and top with nuts or seeds instead.


Pudding :

3Tbs Chia Seeds

2 Tbs Oats (optional)

3/4 Cup of almond Milk

1 Tsp Orange water

1 Tsp something sweet – maple honey agave

Topping :

1Tbs Buckwheat groats

Fresh fruit of choice

Orange zest

Pop everything from the pudding recipe into a jar and give a good shake. Let it sit for half an hour or so and shake again. Then pop in the fridge overnight.

If you’re using the buckwheat groats. Also pop them into a separate jar. Top with water and leave overnight.

The next morning prep the pudding and rinse the buckwheat.

Top with figs or other fruit and various nuts or seeds. Come on guys, make it pretty! Then a final sprinkling of zest. It’s just that easy.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


My latest go to Breakfast. Rose Oats and Chia. With Apricot and Pistachios πŸ’š

So yes, my obsession with rose continues. Sorry but I’m not sorry. Rose water is my favourite little magic touch to everything at the minute. From breakfasts to smoothies to baked goods this just adds a subtle hint of flavour and a beautiful aroma to literally anything. You can find this in most Indian or middle eastern supermarkets too. It’s really inexpensive and just so versatile.

This breakfast has become my latest go to at the moment. I make it as an overnight oats kind of set up but I just love it gently heated the next morning too depending on how much time I have to play with. (You know every moment I can stay in bed is precious to me). So I pop it all on a jar and either hit the road with it or stay and get to savor it a little more. Either way it tastes great and is ridiculously easy to make. Also I just love the level of smugness I feel when I’m not even out of the shower and my breakfast is already ready.

I’ve played around with different fruit to top this. So far I love it with Apricots, or Peaches. I imagine Cherries and Strawberries are good options and intend on trying them next. I love pairing pistachios with rose but other nuts and seeds would work just fine here.

This recipe serves one. But as you can see it’s easily multiplied.

3/4 Cup Almond Milk

1 Tbs Chia seeds

1/3 Cup Oats

1 tsp Rose Water

1Tsp something sweet -honey maple etc.

Fruit to top

And Pistachios or other nuts or seeds.

I literally throw everything into a jar, secure the lid well and give a good shake. Then pop it into the fridge over night.

If I’m having this warm, I heat it over a low heat gently in a pan. If it gets a little thick feel free to splash a little more almond milk in.

Top as you like and serve πŸ’š

Breakfast · Dessert · In the Garden · Lunch

Spring is officially under way πŸ‘ Peach and Blueberry Season and the many things we love to make with them.

I love spring πŸ’š I love when everything starts to shoot up. The garden looks beautiful, flowers popping with colour, herbs are enormous and the Peach tree is in bloom. Not much more could make me happier. Until I discovered all of this on a much grander scale.

One of the best parts of living over in Clermont is being surrounded by the various farms, orchards and groves we have here. Every where you turn you can spot citrus groves here. But two of the lesser know orchards near me grow Blueberries and Peaches. And oh how stunning they are.

Honestly. I could wander round these farms all day snapping various photos. And the fruit is second to none. April and May are the season for them, and I like to go a few times to stock up.

The peaches here are a much smaller variety, but they hold their own on flavour. Love wandering around with my little bucket picking to my hearts content. If you’ve never been fruit picking or been to a real orchard I’d highly recommend. Its surprisingly therapeutic.

Having filled our little buckets off home for some delicious snacks for the week.

If you’ve been reading a while you’ll know my obsession with cooking things together that have the same growing season. That age old saying of “if it grows together it goes together” does ring true. And Peach and blueberries are a little match made in heaven.

And here are some ideas I’ve put together over the years with this beautiful flavour combination.πŸ’›-peach-and-blueberry-crumble/

And let’s not forget our breakfast options either :

Or more recently some smoothie options πŸ’›

I adore this smoothie. And it’s been my goto lunch lately. Love a quick blast from a blender and lunch being served.

This recipe makes 2 smoothie bowls.

Recipe :

4 Little Peaches

2 Bananas

1 Cup Frozen Mango

Almond milk

Add everything to the blender and almond milk to desired consistency, I like smoothies thicker in a bowl but thinner in a glass. Go figure that one out…

Top happily with a good handful of blueberries and granola and any seeds you’d like πŸ’›

Don’t forget our Peach and Blueberry Pie recipe on page 70 of the book.

I hope you’re enjoying spring and all of the flavours it brings as much as I am.

Sending you love from The Little Blue Garden.

Enjoy !!


Second Addition to the Winter Warmer Series. Winter Spiced Porridge with Persimmon and Pommegrante.Β 

Everyone knows my love of all things breakfast…. And Sunday mornings… and things that are sweet. And here we have a combination of everything. On top of it being a pretty little dish, (you know part of me is tempted to make this my Christmas breakfast this year) it’s beautifully seasonal … I love all things Christmas especially the scents and flavours, or the spices I associate with this time of year. Cinnamon and Nutmeg are a combination of heaven and I have to admit lately my go to spice for bakes is actually Cardamom. And this lovely little number incorporated everything into one sweet spiced bowl of joy.

The colours here make me smile. I love the Orange and reds of this time of year. The Orange Persimmon spiked with the gentle little jewels of the pommegrante… yes. I’m falling in love with food again… back to my point, a more traditional flavour combination at this time is orange and cranberry, I think they would pair really well with this spiced porridge too. Though I do have a love hate relationship with Cranberries, I might have to test that option out just to satisfy my own curiosity at some point. But for now. This one ticks all the boxes. And I have it on good authority that it tastes better taken back to bed and enjoyed snuggled up… Just an idea.

So pretty. So easy. So delicious.

This recipe serves two but can be halved or multiplied easily. I’ve not really given good measurements for the spices as it’s down to personal preference.. but cinnamon I put in the most of, then just a little of the nutmeg and cardamom as they pack a good punch.

2 Cups Almond milk

1 Cup quick cook Oats

2 Tsp something sweet. And more to drizzle over.

1 good sprinkle cinnamon

1 pinch nutmeg

1 a pinch of cardamom

Couple of drops Vanilla paste or extract

1 Medium Persimmon

1/2 Pommegrante

Pop the milk in a medium sauce pan and heat gently. Once hot stir through the oats, the honey or maple, and the spices and vanilla. Don’t let this mixture boil just let it thicken gently until it’s the consistency you like. Then take it off the heat while you prep the fruit.

Top however you like, make it pretty. You do eat with your eyes after all… And enjoy.


Warm Pumpkin Spice Chia Pudding. πŸπŸ‚

I love a warm snuggly breakfast when it’s dark or cold outside… An overcast morning calls for something comforting and delicious to set you up for the day. It’s just necessary in my opinion, and my sweet tooth is no secret.. so this one just hits the spot.

Everyone now knows my love of chia seeds and breakfast prep (it’s the lazy foodies guide to survival.)Β  But this one takes it to a new level, warming the pudding through. For a grain free dish this really feels every bit as filling and satisfying, give it a go!

Mind, on another point,Β  I also love how autumnal this recipe is. Actual Pumpkin and Pumpkin Spice? I mean I’m a millenial, come on, sign me up! The scent is just heavenly. Makes me happy.. 😊 Pumpkin everything, is literally the only sign of Autumn that exists in Florida. Well. That and the Cypress trees..

Love them. My favourite trail.

Back to food though… because this girl thinks with her stomach.
This recipe serves one but can be easily multiplied. If you want to add a little more pumpkin spice feel free use this as a blueprint and play!

3 Tbs Chia Seeds

3/4 – 1 Cup Almond milk or milk of choiceΒ  (depending how thick you like it

1/4 cup Organic Pumpkin Puree

Drop of vanilla paste

1-2 Tsp something sweet – Honey or Maple

1/2 Tsp Pumpkin spice

Pinch of Salt


Walnuts or Pecans (optional but good)

And extra Maple or Honey

Another sprinkle of pumpkin spice
Pop Chia seeds into a jar and mix with 3/4 Cup almond milk and let down over night.( Or min 2hrs)

The next morning put the chia seed pudding into a saucepan and stir in everything else , and an extra splash of milk of necessary. Heat on low, gently whisking everything together.

Top as you like with sprinkles of extra spices, nuts etc andΒ  serve warm.


Late Breakfasts are my favorite kind of meal. Fig and Rose Chia Seed Pudding.Β 

There’s no denying the love I have for my bed. And I love love love a late lie in. It’s always amazing when I get a mid week day minus an alarm clock, and today was one of those days. Hallelujah – literally no idea if that is spelled correctly. Sorry. I digress. 

In preparation for optimising said lie in I prep breakfast the night before… you can tell I’ve really thought this through can’t you? I do love breakfast being ready for me when I wake, Chia Seed Puddings and Overnight Oats have been a game changer for this. And it couldn’t be easier to be honest… and you feel pretty smug the next day when the prep is all done..or maybe that’s just me.

This combination of fig and rose makes me smile. I love them together in anything. Porridge, smoothies, cakes you name it. Also, look how pretty it looks!  Ignore what you were told as a child. Play with your food to your hearts content…  
What you’ve got here is a basic blue print for a pudding. Play around with flavour options… I love Vanilla and fresh berries. Carob and Orange works great too. Mix it up. 


3Tbs Chia seeds 

3/4 Cup Almond Milk or milk of choice 

Splash of rose water

1/4 Tsp of Vanilla paste.

1tsp of something sweet. Maple, honey, agave. 




Pumpkin seeds 

Rose petals 


Whatever you feel like.
Pop all of the pudding ingredients into a jar and give a really good shake. Leave this in the fridge over night or for at least a few hours. If it’s a little thick the next day just drizzle some more milk in! 

Next morning – whilst still half asleep- that’s an essential part of the recipe don’t skip it. Top with lots of ripe fresh figs. Strawberries work great too and some dried rose rose petals always look beautiful. 

Baking · Breakfast

Sunday mornings call for lazy breakfasts. Cinnamon Maple Baked Chia Oats with blueberry and Banana.Β 

So I’ve made hundreds of flavor combinations of this in recent years. It’s a quick and easy get ahead for the night before or you can prep it the same morning and them gently cook together in the oven. It couldn’t be any more simple. This is one of my favorite combinations, but try it with literally any berry, stone fruits, even carob or chocolate chips in. Nuts and seeds make a great topping too.

Oats are just such a great start to the day. A slow release energy, with a warming and grounding feel to them. You all know my love or porridge. Well this is a little different, but runs on the same principle. I add Chia as a another little hit of goodness, and a fat. But you can add or remove anything you want. Really versatile concept. I love that comfort food, homey feel you get from oats.

This recipe is for one, but can easily be multiplied for whoever you’re feeding!

Good morning everyone πŸ™‚

1/2 Cup Rolled Oats.

1 Tbs Chia.

1 Cup Water (boiled if making that morning , cold if they’re sitting over night)

Almond milk or milk of choice

Maple Syrup


1 Banana

Handful of Blueberries

Nuts and seeds of choice (optional)

Pop your oats into an oven sage baking dish, stir in the chia then add the water and a good splash of milk. Stir everything together and drizzle with maple and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Flatten eveything out to nice even layer and adorn with your fruit of choice. Being sure to poke pieces into the oats as well as just decorating on top. Then either pop this in the fridge over night or straight into the oven!
Pop the oven on 375.

Give the oats a final sprinkle with some nuts and seeds and bake for 20-25 minutes. A little less if you boiled the water and are cooking straight away!
Enjoy xox