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Sunday mornings call for lazy breakfasts. Cinnamon Maple Baked Chia Oats with blueberry and Banana. 

So I’ve made hundreds of flavor combinations of this in recent years. It’s a quick and easy get ahead for the night before or you can prep it the same morning and them gently cook together in the oven. It couldn’t be any more simple. This is one of my favorite combinations, but try it with literally any berry, stone fruits, even carob or chocolate chips in. Nuts and seeds make a great topping too.

Oats are just such a great start to the day. A slow release energy, with a warming and grounding feel to them. You all know my love or porridge. Well this is a little different, but runs on the same principle. I add Chia as a another little hit of goodness, and a fat. But you can add or remove anything you want. Really versatile concept. I love that comfort food, homey feel you get from oats.

This recipe is for one, but can easily be multiplied for whoever you’re feeding!

Good morning everyone 🙂

1/2 Cup Rolled Oats.

1 Tbs Chia.

1 Cup Water (boiled if making that morning , cold if they’re sitting over night)

Almond milk or milk of choice

Maple Syrup


1 Banana

Handful of Blueberries

Nuts and seeds of choice (optional)

Pop your oats into an oven sage baking dish, stir in the chia then add the water and a good splash of milk. Stir everything together and drizzle with maple and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Flatten eveything out to nice even layer and adorn with your fruit of choice. Being sure to poke pieces into the oats as well as just decorating on top. Then either pop this in the fridge over night or straight into the oven!
Pop the oven on 375.

Give the oats a final sprinkle with some nuts and seeds and bake for 20-25 minutes. A little less if you boiled the water and are cooking straight away!
Enjoy xox

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