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Spring time salads! Massaged Kale and Herb Quinoa. 

So spring has hit in a big way in Florida! Everything is popping in colour and literally springing back into life. The Garden is in full bloom currently, with blossoms on the peach tree, flowers on the nasturtiums. Blooms on the garlic,  and blueberries coming out in force. It’s a sight to behold and oh how I love it!

Keeping with spirit of spring and sunshine, all the abundance of fresh produce in the aunshine state right now has me in a constant state of happiness. I love when the Farmers Market are full to the brim of beautiful fresh greens and veggies. This week a particularly beautiful bunch of Cavolo Nero caught my eye. I love kale in all shapes and sizes but this has to be my ultimate favourite. And keeping it fresh and raw makes me happy in head heart and most importantly, tummy.

So let’s get started with a simple salad?

This serves two.



1/2 Cup Quinoa

1 tbs Tahini

1/2 Tsp Herb de Provence



3 big Cups kale washed and chopped

Juice of a lemon

1/2 tsp Shoyu or Tamari

2 Tbs Tahini

2 Tbs Sweet Chili sauce

Toppings :

1 Pepper cut into strips

3 mandarins peeled and segmented

Edible flowers

Pumpkin Seeds

And fresh garden veggies you like.
Start by cooking the Quinoa according the the packet instructions. Mine takes about 2o minutes.

Half way through the Quinoa cooking time pop your Kale into a bowl and squeeze over the Lemon juice. Get your hands in and squish all the Kale together rubbing the leaves with the Lemon makes them lovely and tender. Massage it all together for a few minutes then rinse off the thick of the Lemon juice.

Dress the leaves with the Tamari, Tahini and Sweet Chili and mix again until it’s all covered.

By now the Quinoa should be nearly ready. Once it’s cooked and light and fluffy, drizzle in the Tahini , a pinch of salt and the herb de Provence. It’s one of my all time favourite spice blends and makes erything taste a little bit magic.

Pop the kale into bowls and top with the warm Quinoa. Add your other toppings at will.

I have to say, I just love to eat this out side!

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