Second Addition to the Winter Warmer Series. Winter Spiced Porridge with Persimmon and Pommegrante. 

Everyone knows my love of all things breakfast…. And Sunday mornings… and things that are sweet. And here we have a combination of everything. On top of it being a pretty little dish, (you know part of me is tempted to make this my Christmas breakfast this year) it’s beautifully seasonal … I love all things Christmas especially the scents and flavours, or the spices I associate with this time of year. Cinnamon and Nutmeg are a combination of heaven and I have to admit lately my go to spice for bakes is actually Cardamom. And this lovely little number incorporated everything into one sweet spiced bowl of joy.

The colours here make me smile. I love the Orange and reds of this time of year. The Orange Persimmon spiked with the gentle little jewels of the pommegrante… yes. I’m falling in love with food again… back to my point, a more traditional flavour combination at this time is orange and cranberry, I think they would pair really well with this spiced porridge too. Though I do have a love hate relationship with Cranberries, I might have to test that option out just to satisfy my own curiosity at some point. But for now. This one ticks all the boxes. And I have it on good authority that it tastes better taken back to bed and enjoyed snuggled up… Just an idea.

So pretty. So easy. So delicious.

This recipe serves two but can be halved or multiplied easily. I’ve not really given good measurements for the spices as it’s down to personal preference.. but cinnamon I put in the most of, then just a little of the nutmeg and cardamom as they pack a good punch.

2 Cups Almond milk

1 Cup quick cook Oats

2 Tsp something sweet. And more to drizzle over.

1 good sprinkle cinnamon

1 pinch nutmeg

1 a pinch of cardamom

Couple of drops Vanilla paste or extract

1 Medium Persimmon

1/2 Pommegrante

Pop the milk in a medium sauce pan and heat gently. Once hot stir through the oats, the honey or maple, and the spices and vanilla. Don’t let this mixture boil just let it thicken gently until it’s the consistency you like. Then take it off the heat while you prep the fruit.

Top however you like, make it pretty. You do eat with your eyes after all… And enjoy.

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