Seriously seedy. Grain free Porridge.


Let’s talk about seeds. The seeds that we think are grains but are actually not at all. No Grains , no gluten just seeds. Buckwheat , bit misleading in its name as its not a grain nor does it have anything to do with wheat. So gluten free and ready to go. Versatile little thing. I love this toasted in energy bites , cooked just like a grain on the side of a salad or meal , and now in my grain free Porridge. It’s great on its own just soaked overnight too! No cooking required !
Armaranth , this lovely little seed also can be misconstrued as a grain but it’s all seed baby.
Millet. I love this one, it’s a cous cous type little ball of goodness. I love fluffing this up and chucking it in Salads.
I also used whole Flax. Just for some added goodness.

I pop a 1/4 of this mix per person into a jar with water the night before and soak them, it activates the seeds , and also cuts down on cooking time.. I’m all for extra time in bed first thing so any little helps. Specially when it only takes a minute the night before. If you haven’t soaked , don’t worry, just let them cook longer till tender πŸ™‚


Recipe is for one big jar.

1 Cup Armaranth
1 Cup Millet
1/3 Cup Flax
1 Cup Buckwheat.

**optional addition of Chia **

Pop everything in a jar and give a good shake !

To cook :
Soak 1/4 Cup per person the night before.
Then drain and rinse in a fine mesh seive.
Pop into a pan with 1/2 cup of Milk per serving. Top up after if you’d like more !

Cook for 10-15 minutes till cooked and tender.

Add sweetner of choice. Vanilla works great here too.

And top as you like πŸ™‚ I must say Peach and Blueberry is a lovely combination.

Fig and Cherry is another personal favourite !


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