Almond and Carob Energy Balls… with a little Christmas Spirit !


Anyone who knows me, knows I’m often nibbling on random snacks , and these are one of my favorites. My obsession started with these a year or two ago after spotting some on Pinterest. Since then I’m not even sure if I have ever made the same kind twice !
I’m getting ready to travel over the next few days , and what better travelling companion than an extra boost of energy !
Since I was feeling gluttonous festive I thought I’d sweeten these little ones up and top them with a little Marzipan…(yes. I’m that one in the family that adores it. Yes I will have the bit you left. Thanks.) I’m pretty pleased with how cute these turned out so decided to share !

The great things about these little balls are the combinations are endless. I used dates as the base here but dried  Apricots are another favorite. Raisins work well too!
And you can add any “Booster” you like depending on what your body is asking for at that time !

They freeze great too….. sorry. Sales pitch much?

Recipe :
1/2 Cup Almonds
1/4 Buckwheat Groats (optional but add a lovely crunch )
1 1/2 Cups of Medjoul Dates
1tbs Oil of choice
2 tbs (heaped ) Carob
1tbs Date Nectar ( Honey or Maple will work too)

Then pick your booster !!
1 Tsp of
Some options :

Or a combination of any ! I went with Maca and Hemp today.

Recipe : Pop the nuts and groats on a baking sheet and out in a 375° oven to toast for 10 minutes.
When they are toasted add the nuts only to a food processor and whizz up to break them down in size. It’s best to pulse here, we aren’t making nut butter!
Once they are aren’t crumbly rubble add the dates , and pulse again until things start to get sticky. Then add the Oil, Carob, Date Nectar, and a little pinch of Salt here and Wizz till everything is sticky. Add your Booster now too!
Once were all sticky , pop into a bowl and mix through the toasted Buckwheat if you’re using.

Roll these into even balls. Mine are about 2cm round.

I then topped these with some delicious all natural Marzipan and a tiny piece of Goji berry for decoration !

More information on Booster Choices coming soon….

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