Peanut Butter Balls dipped in Carob Ganache


At this time of year I tend to get a little “Sweetie envy”. Everyone tucking into delicious Chocolates and bags of sweets , all of which I can’t have !! So this year it was going to be different. Having never actually eaten Chocolate and Peanut butter together I was rather intigued by the whole idea, knowing they were a favourite of a whole host of friends!  And so I set about making a me friendly version ! And they were too bad either ….

Recipe : 


1/2 Cup of smooth Peanut Butter softened.
1/3 Cup Organic Confectioners Sugar (icing ) (not a usual weapon in my arsenal but it is Christmas )
Pinch of Vanilla Powder.

Combine everything into a smooth paste and then roll into even little balls. Mine made 28. But I think it would have made 30 had I not eaten a spoonful of it…

Give a little board or plate another dusting of Icing Sugar to stop them sticking. I popped these in the fridge to harden a little over night.

Recipe :

Carob Ganache

2 tbs Organic Vegetable Shortening
1tbs Maple Syrup
2 tsp (heaped ) Carob Powder
Splash of Milk or Choice (or cream if that’s your thing )

Melt the shortening and the Maple syrup together.
Take off the heat and put in a cool bowl and  quickly whisk in the Carob bit by bit. It has a caking quality to it so go easy and if it gets too clumpy start with a tea spoon or so of the Milk. Once everything is combined and nice and velvety , as it cools slightly dip in the PBB and place back in the fridge to set (or the freezer for a short while if you’re as impatient as I am! )

These kept me feeling pretty smug while everyone else tucked in this year !!

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