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Cucumber noodle Salad !


After alot of rich foods over the Holidays my body is asking for some TLC. So today, sat in cold wet London I was dreaming of sunshine and Farmers markets back home in Florida.
Thinking of refreshing raw veggies and fresh juices. When one of my favorite salads came to mind. The combination of the cool noodles with the sweet and spicy dressing (love anything hot and sweet)..probably less said the better. Can’t wait to get home and make a huge bowl!

Cucumber Noodle Salad with quick Sweet chilli sauce !

Recipe :

1 Large Cucumber
1/ 2 Red Pepper
2 Spring onions
Handful of Peas (I use frozen – defrosted )
Fresh Basil
Pumpkin seeds (optional )

I pop the Cucumber on the spiralizer , but of you don’t have one you can use a Julienne slicer (or a veggie peeler to make larger ribbons ).
I love my  Spiralizer. They’re pretty inexpensive too and versatile (raw pad Thai any one ??) Toss these noodles in the quick sweet chilli sauce, then the rest is pretty simple , chopped the Pepper and Spring Onion and sprinkle on the other toppings as desired.

Now if you want to buy your own Sweet Chilli , that’s fine , there are some great options avaliable , even fresh ones these days ! But as I have my own Chili plant , I tend to make my own !

Recipe :

1 Chilli
1 Clove of Garlic
Oil of choice
1/4 cup Honey or Maple syrup
Lime juice ( depending on how juicey  they are you may need one or two)

Dice the chilli and garlic , I remove the seeds from the chilli but if you like it firey be my guest … Pop these into a pan with a little oil just to cook them a little – I’m not a fan of raw garlic ! It doesn’t take long , as you don’t want to burn the garlic which happens quickly ! Once they’re no longer raw , stick them in a jar or bowl , and add the rest of the ingredients! Give everything a good mix and taste , adjust seasoning according to your own preference !


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