Green Tartine… basically posh toast.


Something for a light lunch with no fuss! Bread gets such a bad rep, but I think if it’s natural and fresh it can be a really nice treat. The only downside is when it’s natural and fresh and not packed with nasties , it will turn to stone , fast. And this is where my Tartines come in. Toast that spare bit of bread and top with whatever you like !
The recipe is simple and quick. No fancy machines or ingredients no one’s ever heard of. Tastes pretty good to me though.


This little one came about as I had an Avacado that needed using up , a quick forage in the freezer and the garden and I had everything I needed. The age old combination of Pea and Mint never disappoints.

Recipe :
1/2 Avacado
1/3 cup of Peas (I defrosted frozen ones)
Handful of Mint
Juice of a Lemon
Drizzle of Honey (optional depending on how sweet your peas are)

This one’s really technical. You mash the Avacado , and chuck the rest in. Season with a little salt.
Pop your bread under the grill, and once it’s at your desired level of toasty goodness.. stick your filling on !

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