Caramelized Banana Porridge (Oatmeal)


So today I woke up, my tummy was rumbling and my sweet tooth was pleading with me ! I wanted something warm sweet and filling. To my dismay my supply of home made pastries in the freezer had ran out (note to self make triple double next time) So off I went to raid my cupboards to see what I could rustle up.

Oats are my go to with the vast majority of Breakfasts. I love them soaked , or baked or just in a quick and simple porridge (British name for oatmeal if anyone’s confused ).
Since time was of the essence (girls gotta eeaatt) porridge it was. But now what to satisfy my Sugar addiction ?
And there it was. Beaming at me from the fruit bowl 🙂

I can see this being my new “treat” breakfast of choice , you know until I sicken myself from it entirely…..

Recipe :

One serving of oatmeal : you can create this however you prefer, or to your own oat packet instructions. For porridge I always opt for the quick cooking kind of oat. This is what I do:

1/2 cup of Almond milk , heated in a pan
1/3 cup Oats thrown in when it’s hot.

Couldn’t be easier ?  Today I added a pinch of Cinnamon too because let’s face it it’s Bananas best friend. I didn’t sweeten my oats today knowing the topping would be pretty intense .

Then for the star of the show , Caramelized Banana

Recipe :
1 Banana sliced
1-2 tsp of Honey or Maple Syrup.

Heat a small non stick pan on medium heat , when it’s hot add the slices of Banana sliced side down (you want the biggest surface area for more caramelization). Give them a minute or so till it smells really sweet , keep an eye on them but don’t move them about just lighty lift them to see if they have colour yet. Once you’re happy they look golden brown , flip ’em all over and do the same with the other side.
When both sides are beautiful , lift off the heat and drizzle in your Honey or Maple. It will bubble so be careful.
And voilà. Toppings done !

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