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Goodness Gracious Greens. Garlic Greens and Mushrooms on Toast.


Wanted to do something with the abundance of greens I currently have growing in the garden. They looked so bright and healthy I really wanted something that just focused on them.


How cute are they ?!?
They’re incredibly easy to grow too. And let’s face it, we all could do with a few more greens in our lives.



Ok so this recipe is just so wonderfully simple and rustic. Hope you like it.

Recipe :
Handful of fresh greens (soft ones , I used Chard and Baby Kale )
2 Cloves of garlic
Oil (  I used Olive )

Optional : Extra Virgin Olive oil to finish.

Chop 1 Clove of Garlic and your Mushrooms while you gently heat a little non stick pan. Once the pan is warm, add a Splash of Oil, the Garlic and the Mushrooms. Let them all get on together while you chop your greens.

Once your Mushrooms have a little colour, add your greens and gentley sauté while you pop your Bread in the Toaster.

Once your bread is toasted and still warm , chop your final Garlic clove in half , and give the bread a little rub with the Garlic.

By now your greens should be good to go. Give them a little spritz with the  Lemon  and pile them high on your Toast.  You can add an extra drizzle of some yummy Extra Virgin olive oil if you like. And a pinch of salt.

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