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Farmers Markets and Fruit Salads !


Ok so this one isn’t a recipe as such. But just fun ways of making the best from fresh local produce. I really really belive in supporting local businesses. I know it’s more convienent to pop into a shop and grab a load of goodies all in one place. But venture out into your local farmers markets, or order a produce box from a local farm or Greengrocer. I promise you you won’t be disappointed. You might even save yourself a few pennies too. Go see them, be inspired !

Having things fresh and organic is not only delicious but beautiful too.


Just a simple pate full of colours and flavors will brighten up anyone’s mood.

Or even go one step further and plant a few seeds ! It’s so rewarding watching things blossom and grow. I grew this beautiful Papaya seed from a tiny little seed. I lost count of how much fruit it gave me. I’m the garden currently I have a new Starfruit tree and a Peach tree covered in blossoms. It makes me so happy to go out there each morning.
This year I’m pretty eager to plant some edible flowers ! I feel some pretty Salads coming my way this Spring 🙂

In the photo at the top Recipe :

Made two portions as above

1 Ripe Papaya
2 Ripe Mangos
1 Cup full of Blue Berries
Sprinkle of Pumpkin seeds
Topped with fresh Basil and Mint!

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