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Beans on Toast!


Ok I admit it. I was 23 before I ate beans on toast. I have always been horrified, and I mean horrified by tins of baked beans. I couldn’t ever understand the appeal. The colour looked all wrong. Processed. Just everything. No way no thanks. At one point I remember having a mini breakdown after my boss dripped “bean juice” on my foot at work….
Ok so less about my mental instability and more about the good stuff. Canellini Beans. Those beans you find in Italian dishes , Minestrone , Pasta Fagoli , that kinda thing. These always seemed to appeal a little more. I desperately wanted to incorporate more lean plant proteins into my day to day food. And that’s where this plan came from….
This is a quick and easy recipe ideal for a quick Lunch or late Brekkie, but I won’t judge you on when you eat this. Its simple and satisfying , give it a go.

A certain best friend of mine can vouch for me. It’s a favourite of hers. And here it is so she can munch away 🙂

Recipe :
2 Large Tomatoes
2 heaped Tbs tomato paste
1 tsp Maple syrup (trust me )
I Carton Organic Canellini Beans drained and rinsed.

To serve : Toast or Wedges work great

Dice the tomatoes small and chuck in a non stick pan, add a good splash of water to keep them fluid , and the tomato paste. Cook this till everything is soft and squidgy then add the Maple Syrup stir and give it a taste for salt.
Add your beans and warm everything through together.

A good pile of these on toast works wonders !

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