In the Garden

Spring time in The Little Blue Garden.


Do you see that little furry green ball of cuteness ? Well that little cutey is my first Peach of the season on the tree I am absolutely in love with my Garden right now. Spring is upon us !

The Garden is a hive of activity right now. We have blossoms all over the Peach tree and blueberry bush… both of thier picking seasons happen roughly in May in Florida. And the place smells amazing. I’m pretty lucky to live close to a Blueberry field  and Peach orchard and one of my favorite things in the world is to go and pick them !



And in the raised beds we have Rainbow Chard and Baby Kale , both so easy to grown and so much colour ! I cannot wait for these to get a little bigger ! The Kale will need to be spaced out a little more and re planted but for now it’s quite happy just where it is.

We have a baby heirloom Tomato plant just starting to grow happily too.


It’s such a lovely process watching things grow. I’ve just planted Fennel and Watercress too, I’ll keep you posted on those.


I like to keep everything as organic as possible , no nasties sprayed on , but it does mean that I get to share my produce with bugs and wildlife ! So far no bite marks out of anything …yet.


Welcome to my Little Blue Garden !

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