Late Breakfasts are my favorite kind of meal. Fig and Rose Chia Seed Pudding. 

There’s no denying the love I have for my bed. And I love love love a late lie in. It’s always amazing when I get a mid week day minus an alarm clock, and today was one of those days. Hallelujah – literally no idea if that is spelled correctly. Sorry. I digress. 

In preparation for optimising said lie in I prep breakfast the night before… you can tell I’ve really thought this through can’t you? I do love breakfast being ready for me when I wake, Chia Seed Puddings and Overnight Oats have been a game changer for this. And it couldn’t be easier to be honest… and you feel pretty smug the next day when the prep is all done..or maybe that’s just me.

This combination of fig and rose makes me smile. I love them together in anything. Porridge, smoothies, cakes you name it. Also, look how pretty it looks!  Ignore what you were told as a child. Play with your food to your hearts content…  
What you’ve got here is a basic blue print for a pudding. Play around with flavour options… I love Vanilla and fresh berries. Carob and Orange works great too. Mix it up. 


3Tbs Chia seeds 

3/4 Cup Almond Milk or milk of choice 

Splash of rose water

1/4 Tsp of Vanilla paste.

1tsp of something sweet. Maple, honey, agave. 




Pumpkin seeds 

Rose petals 


Whatever you feel like.
Pop all of the pudding ingredients into a jar and give a really good shake. Leave this in the fridge over night or for at least a few hours. If it’s a little thick the next day just drizzle some more milk in! 

Next morning – whilst still half asleep- that’s an essential part of the recipe don’t skip it. Top with lots of ripe fresh figs. Strawberries work great too and some dried rose rose petals always look beautiful. 

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Lazy Sunday Night in at it’s best ūüíõ Peach and Blueberry Crumble.

I am very much a Sunday kind of girl. I love Sundays. And this week, laziness was the game. Literally. Me, my book, the pool the sunshine and nothing else. Well, until I got hungry. Then comfort food was added to the agenda…

Crumble will always be one of my all time favorites, hands down ..and this one comes with the flavours of summer. Peaches are everywhere at the markets right now, from states further north. I love that my new home land is very proud of its produce and where it comes from. You’ll notice when you’re shopping, you’ll spot the potatoes are from Idaho, the peaches from Georgia or the Carolinas, the oranges of course from our very own Sunshine State. I’ve learned to appreciate these little details. And I’ve become very accustomed to it. 

Look at these beauties. Aren’t they stunning? 

You know they’re good when they’re half the size of your head and you leave a trail of juice behind you as you eat. They really should come with a sticky face warning though….
Anyway back to my crumble!   

My lazy day wouldn’t be complete without something sweet and delicious with as little effort as possible, et viol√† – I give you my crumble recipe. This just couldn’t be any easier.

This feeds 3ish- but can multiply easily. 

2 Peaches

1 Cup Blueberries


1 Cup Flour

1/3 Cup Oats 

1/3 Cup Oil – I used Avocado 

1/2Tsp Cinnamon 

1/3 Cup Organic Brown sugar.
Preheat the oven to 400¬į.

Chop your peaches into a 1.5 cm ish dice and mix in with your blueberries. Pop into a baking dish in a thick even layer. 

To make the topping pop the flour oats and oil in a bowl and mix until a chunky  crumbly texture. Then stir through your cinnamon and brown sugar. Tip this on top of your fruit. 

I hope you didn’t break a sweat. 

Pop this in the oven for 30minutes ish. Until hot and bubbly.

Optional Vanilla sauce : 

This basically is a mock up of a traditional custard. 

2Cups Almond milk 

2tsp Corn Flour 

1 vanilla pod 

Sugar to taste. (1-2 Tbsish)

Pop almond milk into a pan and stir in the flour whilst it’s cold. Turn the heat on low.

 Split the vanilla bean and slide a.knife along to get the caviar, pop that in the milk and then chuck the whole pod in too for extra flavour. Whisk this all in and continue to whisk the mixture until it has heated and begins the thicken. At this point whisk your sugar in too. 

Once nice and hot and thickened pull the vanilla pod out and you are ready to go. 

Ps. Cream or Ice Cream work here too. 


Bringing the Sunshine inside, with a Lemon Thyme Upside Down Cake.

Summer Summer Summmerrrr thyme. See what I did there? I know….¬†

So it’s been a while! But we are back and rolling now. And today’s recipe makes me smile. Just look at the colours here. I’m also curious to see if this baby works as mini cakes? Hmmm. ¬†

So it’s hot here in Florida. I know you’re shocked. However with the heat the rain also comes. And today not only did it rain, but it poured. Non stop. So missing my sunshine I decided to take charge and invent my own. And as you can probably tell I’m pretty pleased with the result. This sweet sour combination of elegance did the trick just nicely. ¬†I love everything to do with Lemons and my constant supply came in handy today. A sticky layer of sugar cutting sour lemons to top a thick rich sponge. I adore the combination of lemon and thyme and think it adds a different element to the cake, but just plain lemon would be just as good for those not too sure about adding herbs to a cake!¬†

So, in true Lianne style I made it up as I went along and was pretty happy with the results. 

This recipe really was very easy. And made one 6 inch sponge. I really do recommend a spring form pan for this, just to make your life easier when removing the cake. Other than that its a doddle. Give it a go!
The top 

Ok lemons. I used 2 sliced thin Рthough I did wind up with gaps on top so you may want to use more. And please pop out any pips at this stage. 

Earth balance- or some form of plant based spread.

2 tbs Organic Sugar. 
Start by greasing the tin pretty liberally with the spread. Then use 1 tbs of sugar to coat the inside of the tin (if it take a little more then just go for it). Place your thinly sliced lemons on top of the sugar, creating one pretty little layer. Then go in with the second table spoon of sugar to recoat the lemons. Leave to one side to sit.
The sponge :


1 Cup Almond Milk 

1 tsp Apple Cider vinegar 

1/2 tsp Vanilla paste

1/3 Cup Oil I used Olive 

3/4 Cup Sugar 

1 1/4 Cup Flour 

1 Tsp Baking Powder 

1/2 Tsp Baking Soda 

2 Tbs Corn Flour 

1Tbs chopped Thyme

1 Lemon – zest only

1/4 Tsp Salt 
Topping :

Pop the almond milk and ACV in a bowl and add the vanilla paste too, give this a little whisk then set aside. 

Measure out all your dry ingredients into a larger bowl and give this a dry whisk too to make sure everything is mixed nicely. 

Go back to your wet ingredients and add your oil and sugar and give another little whisk. 

Pour your wet ingredients into your dry and fold gently until it’s just say mixed. The mixture is quite thin, don’t panic about a few little lumps. Pour this ontop of your pretty lemon layer and bake for appx 35-40 minutes. Or until a skewer comes out clean..¬†
Now for the fun part. Turning the cake out. The cake needs to still be very warm for this. Pop a cooling rack over the top of cake and turn. Undo the spring on the pan. Then for the top using a knife or spatula remove the bottom of the cake tin. 
A final adornment of that shiny elegant topping would be to heat some marmalade gently and brush onto of the lemon layer.  A sprig or two of fresh thyme on top or around the cake always looks good too. 

And now that the cake is ready, I advise you stick the kettle on!

Enjoy ! 

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Bowls full of goodness ¬†ūüíõ Butternut Leek and Barley Broth.

So I know summer has arrived, but with the storms kicking off this week here in the Sunshine State it’s felt pretty gloomy. And so creating my own little bowls of sunshine has been on the agenda this week. And this last creation really didn’t disappoint. It’s a one pot , throw it all in and viola kind of dish. Heaven for a lazy week night tea ūüíõ


1 Medium Butternut Squash

1 Leek

1/2 Cup Barley

1 carton of Cannellini beans drained

2 Cloves Garlic

2 Tbs Tomato Paste

5 (ish) Cups Vegetable stock.
Peel and chop the butternut and chop the leek. Bring your veggie stock up to a simmer in a medium saucepan and add both veggies and barely. Chop the garlic and throw that in there too with the tomato paste. Let it simmer on low for 25 -30 minutes.

Once the veggies are tender and the barley is cooked pop in your carton of beans and heat through gently.

Serve with a good friend of black pepper and off you go !

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Naanwich! Yeah.. apparently that’s a thing..¬†

Yeah so I was recently introduced to Naan bread sandwiches. And wow was I in love! And also felt a little odd that I’d never considered that as an idea before…

So here we have it. A spicy Harissa and maple roasted chickpea filling with piles of sautéed veggies, loaded on top of a cool creamy hummus loaded Naan. This is what nights in are made for.  For added sweet and spicy combo, I made a quick fresh mango dressing for on top and we were ready to roll!

This recipe makes 2 Naan sandwiches.

Maple Harissa Chickpeas:

1/2 Carton Chickpeas drained

1/2 Tsp Harissa paste

1.5 Tsp Maple Syrup

1 Tbs Oil of choice (I used avocado)
Sautéed Veggies

1/2 Courgette

1/2 Yellow Pepper

1/2 Red Pepper

Hand full of Asparagus

Oil of choice (you’ll be shocked to hear I used avocado again)
Mango topping :

2 Fresh Mangos

1/4 Chilli seeds removed and chopped finely (feel free to add more)

Juice of 2 limes

Honey or agave to taste

2 Naan bread.

OK so let’s start with the Chickpeas, pop the oven on 400 and pop the oil, Harissa and maple into a bowl with a big pinch of salt and whisk together. Toss the chickpeas in the dressing and roast for 20-25 minutes. Giving them a stair half way through.

The move onto the Mango dressing so it had a little time to sit. Chop up one mango into a small dice and peel the other and pop into a mini processor or blender add the lime juice, the chilli and a good drizzle of something sweet to the blender. Blitz and add a little salt to taste. Toss the chopped mango through this and set aside. Feel free to add some ginger or spices at this point too. If it doesn’t blend well add a splash of oil or water.

Next, chop up your veggies, I kept mine quite big for a nice bite.  Preheat a sauté pan over medium and sizzle those veggies.

For the last few minutes of cooking time, add your Naan to the oven to get nice and warm.

Now we are ready to assemble. I did I layer of cool creamy hummus on top of my Naan. You can grab some nice organic ones these days or feel free to whip up your favourite batch. Then I piled the veggies and chickpeas on giving a little drizzle of the thick dressing the chickpeas were in. Topped it all off with my mango and some fresh cilantro/coriander or parsley.

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Spring time salads! Massaged Kale and Herb Quinoa. 

So spring has hit in a big way in Florida! Everything is popping in colour and literally springing back into life. The Garden is in full bloom currently, with blossoms on the peach tree, flowers on the nasturtiums. Blooms on the garlic, ¬†and blueberries coming out in force. It’s a sight to behold and oh how I love it!

Keeping with spirit of spring and sunshine, all the abundance of fresh produce in the aunshine state right now has me in a constant state of happiness. I love when the Farmers Market are full to the brim of beautiful fresh greens and veggies. This week a particularly beautiful bunch of Cavolo Nero caught my eye. I love kale in all shapes and sizes but this has to be my ultimate favourite. And keeping it fresh and raw makes me happy in head heart and most importantly, tummy.

So let’s get started with a simple salad?

This serves two.



1/2 Cup Quinoa

1 tbs Tahini

1/2 Tsp Herb de Provence



3 big Cups kale washed and chopped

Juice of a lemon

1/2 tsp Shoyu or Tamari

2 Tbs Tahini

2 Tbs Sweet Chili sauce

Toppings :

1 Pepper cut into strips

3 mandarins peeled and segmented

Edible flowers

Pumpkin Seeds

And fresh garden veggies you like.
Start by cooking the Quinoa according the the packet instructions. Mine takes about 2o minutes.

Half way through the Quinoa cooking time pop your Kale into a bowl and squeeze over the Lemon juice. Get your hands in and squish all the Kale together rubbing the leaves with the Lemon makes them lovely and tender. Massage it all together for a few minutes then rinse off the thick of the Lemon juice.

Dress the leaves with the Tamari, Tahini and Sweet Chili and mix again until it’s all covered.

By now the Quinoa should be nearly ready. Once it’s cooked and light and fluffy, drizzle in the Tahini , a pinch of salt and the herb de Provence. It’s one of my all time favourite spice blends and makes erything taste a little bit magic.

Pop the kale into bowls and top with the warm Quinoa. Add your other toppings at will.

I have to say, I just love to eat this out side!

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Sunday mornings call for lazy breakfasts. Cinnamon Maple Baked Chia Oats with blueberry and Banana. 

So I’ve made hundreds of flavor combinations of this in recent years. It’s a quick and easy get ahead for the night before or you can prep it the same morning and them gently cook together in the oven. It couldn’t be any more simple. This is one of my favorite combinations, but try it with literally any berry, stone fruits, even carob or chocolate chips in. Nuts and seeds make a great topping too.

Oats are just such a great start to the day. A slow release energy, with a warming and grounding feel to them. You all know my love or porridge. Well this is a little different, but runs on the same principle. I add Chia as a another little hit of goodness, and a fat. But you can add or remove anything you want. Really versatile concept. I love that comfort food, homey feel you get from oats.

This recipe is for one, but can easily be multiplied for whoever you’re feeding!

Good morning everyone ūüôā

1/2 Cup Rolled Oats.

1 Tbs Chia.

1 Cup Water (boiled if making that morning , cold if they’re sitting over night)

Almond milk or milk of choice

Maple Syrup


1 Banana

Handful of Blueberries

Nuts and seeds of choice (optional)

Pop your oats into an oven sage baking dish, stir in the chia then add the water and a good splash of milk. Stir everything together and drizzle with maple and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Flatten eveything out to nice even layer and adorn with your fruit of choice. Being sure to poke pieces into the oats as well as just decorating on top. Then either pop this in the fridge over night or straight into the oven!
Pop the oven on 375.

Give the oats a final sprinkle with some nuts and seeds and bake for 20-25 minutes. A little less if you boiled the water and are cooking straight away!
Enjoy xox


Some days you just need a Cake and cuppa. Butternut Squash and Raisin cake, with Orange and Vanilla bean frosting. 

Seriously though. Is there anything that beats a big slice of cake and a cup of your favourite tea? It’s the remedy to a whole host of life’s little niggles… comfort food at it’s absolute best. And a sugar rush to boot. Mind if I have another slice?

This little beauty was inspired by a whole host of baby Butternuts I got at the Farmers market this week. Have I mentioned how much I love Farmers Markets? I did kind of rip off a carrot cake a little. But in my opinion this baby is better. I also added my latest spice obsession, cardamom. Seriously. I’ve only ever used it in spicey dishes. This has to be my new love to add to desserts and smoothies and cookies. Try it. Sprinkle this magic everywhere.

Makes one deep 6 inch cake


1 cup grated Butternut

1 cup Almond milk

1 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1/3 Cup Oil – I used Avocado

1/2 Cup Brown Sugar

1/4 Cup Organic sugar

1  1/4 cup flour

2 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp Baking soda

Pinch of Salt

1/2 tsp Vanilla paste

1 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon

1/2 Tsp Nutmeg

1/4 Tsp Ground Cardamom

1/2 cup Raisins

1/4 Cup Pecans (chopped )*** optional.
Pop the oven on 350¬į. ¬†And grease your cake pan with a little oil.

Pour the Almond Milk into a jug and add 1tsp apple cider vinegar. Leave that to sit for a while.

Measure out your flour, baking powder , baking soda salt and spices into a bowl and whisk everything dry together.

At this point your almond milk will have curdled a little, add in the oil and the sugar and give eveything a wisk.

Slowly incorporate your wet mix into your dry mix, whisking a little as you go. Then stir in the raisins, butternut and pecans if using.

Pour this into the cake tin and bake for 30-40 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.

Leave this to cool before icing.
Icing recipe:

1/4 Cup Earth balance or spread of choice

2 Cups Powdered sugar / icing sugar

Zest of 2 oranges and juice.

1/4 Tsp Vanilla paste

Almond milk if needed.

Soften the earth balance and beat in powdered sugar. Add orange zest, juice and  vanilla and keep beating . If mix is a little dry add a splash of Almond milk.

Wait until the cake is cooled completely and then ice away!

I decorated this cake with edible flowers and another sprinkle of raw butternut to keep it nice simple and rustic.

Enjoy !

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The food of love! Comfort food at its finest. Spaghetti with roasted Mediterranean Veggies

Anyone who knows me knows my love of all things carbohydrate. And pasta is no exception. I love my alternative pastas and tonight’s pick was an organic brown rice spaghetti, piled high with goodies from the farmers market. I love keeping it simple, I believe it really is the best option. Now that you know the way to my heart, and the reason my jeans no longer fit… lets get to it. With some seriously sexy comfort food.


Serves 2

2 Portions of Spaghetti – there is no point in me telling you how much to cook. Wing it. You know you want too.

1/2 Fennel

1 cm thick Slice of Aubergine / Eggplant

Handful Mushrooms

1/2 Pepper

Large handful of baby tomatoes.

Oil of choice- I used Avocado

2 tsp Herb de Provence

1-2 Cloves Garlic

1 Jar Passata or Pasta Sauce of choice

Optional 1Tbs Tomato paste

Salt and Pepper.

Fresh herbs


Pre heat the oven to 400. Chop all the veggies into 1-2 cm chunks. Toss in oil and herb de provence with a good pinch of salt. Pop on a roasting tray and roast for 25 -30 minutes.

During the last 15 minutes of cooking time. Pop enough water on to boil for the pasta, and cook according to the packet instructions. Before draining, remember to reserve some of the cooking water.

Pop the drained pasta back into the pan and pour over your pasatta or pasta sauce, dice the garlic and pop in now and cook everything until its all hot through. Add a little pasta water and the tomato sauce if you’re just using the pasatta. Season with salt and pepper.

Once the veggies are ready, lift them out and stir half of them through the spaghetti. Plate the pasta up and top with the remaining half of the veggies. Throw some nice fresh herbs on top for a boost of flavor and a lovely splash of colour!




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Love is in the air Sexy Smoothie Bowl.

Love is in the air at the little blue garden. The love of food, first foremost and forever. Valentines? Galentines? Screw that. Keep the romance in the kitchen. I guarantee, you’ll find love.

This mornings bowl of “I love me”… Carob and Strawberry smoothie bowl with Rose and Sesame. I really love this, smooth, creamy rich and sexy. So indulgent. Give it a try. Dessert flavoured breakfast bowls may be my very favourite thing this week.

This serves


1 Avocado

1 Frozen Banana

1-2 Tbs Carob Powder

Almond Milk

1-2 Tsp Something sweet- Honey or Maple

1 Tsp Rose Water ( optional)

To top:

Handful Fresh Strawberries or other berries ( Red is very pretty here)

Sesame Seeds and Rose petals to decorate.

Blitz the smoothie ingredients  together and top as you please. Put some effort in here. You eat with your eyes!