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Pea Pesto Plait Bread !


Seeing all the different Breads at the Market the other day really had me inspired for about a million new recipes. There were all kinds of bread shapes and I couldn’t wait to get home and scribble down some ideas to play with.
I found organic flour here really quite easily too and I was always bringing “me friendly” yeast with me here. Erm hello Pizza.

So I played with this dough in hopes of making it a bit of a cross between my usual styles. I also had no measuring utensils here so it’s a pretty basic deal. I used Mugs and had already grabbed some Cheese free fresh  Pesto from the store (ultimate cheat ) thank you Italy. And a big batch of Pea pods that I had fun shelling. I’m sure frozen would work too though. I’ll try it and confirm when I’m home.

This turned out really pretty. I was quite proud of it. My Dad still wasn’t sold on the fact it had green in though. Still you can’t please them all. Everyone else liked it !
This is ideal for a picnic by the way. Or to dunk in some soup. I have to admit it was bliss tearing at it alfresco this evening.

2 1/2 Mugs of Flour (like an actual cup not a measuring one )
1 Mug Almond Milk (use the same mug)
1 Sachet Active Yeast
1tsp Sugar
1/4 Mug Olive oil

Pesto :
1/ 2 tub of Fresh Pesto
1 1/2 Mug Fresh Peas
Olive Oil

Ok. So dough first kiddos. Gently heat Almond milk to luke warm , pop in Sachet of yeast and then sprinkle sugar on top and leave it alone for 10 minutes.
Measure out flour into a bowl add a good sprinkle of Salt. When Almond milk is frothy (that is a word isn’t it ?)
Pour into flour along with your Oil.
Stir until it comes together and then start kneading a little by hand just till everything is all together and looking smooth and happy. Pop a tea towel over the bowl and leave it somewhere warm for an hour or two.
Come back and squash your dough back down to being nice and smooth letting all the excess air out. Let this rest a little while, while you make the Pesto.

I literally just chucked half a tub of pesto and all the peas into a blender with lemon zest and juice, a little extra salt and while the blender was running (it took a little while ) I added oil to make a thick paste. That’s it…

Then roll the dough out (Mine wasn’t the best as I was improvising with a wine bottle… I mean hey , it’s Italy.) Into a large rectangle paint happily with your Pesto mix. And fold in thirds.. like so


Then cut this in two sections and roll them so the cut side is facing upward…


Then attach them together at the top and wrap them over and under in a pattern , then connect again at the bottom.

Pop onto a roasting tray (I used non stick) and leave for another half hour to rise a little. While you Preheat the oven to 400°.
Once the oven is hot cook for 30-40 minutes until Golden on the edges.


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