First Trans Continental post !


Ciao!! Guess who’s in Italy ? The weather here is amazing. Just perfect at this time of year. I’ve fallen in love with the fresh Markets and the many sorts of Pasta ! Gluten free ones everywhere too! I thought I may struggle to find many but they’re everywhere. I’ve found everything from Almond Milk to Buckwheat. It’s been such a pleasure to be out shopping on the local markets. I got a rather fabulous haul of goodies and I’m lucky enough for our Villa to have its very own herb garden ❤ home away from home.


I’ve been eating alot of Pasta and Pizza and my jeans aren’t going to be my friends any time soon , but you only live once !

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of a beautiful out door kitchen to prep meals in and eat with the most fabulous view !


This holiday has been just beautiful…

But back to the food :

Tonight I was cooking for one. Wanted something quick and easy (no comments please ) and this one turned out just right.

Recipe :
Cherry tomatoes on the vine
1/2 Pepper
1 Baby Courgette
5 Baby Portabellos
1 Carton Passata
2 Cloves Garlic
Handful Basil
Brown Rice Pasta
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper

Pop the oven on 400°. Pop cherry tomatoes into a roasting tray and give a good glug of oil and sprinkle of salt. Pop in the oven to roast for 20 mins or until split and tender.
Pop a big pan of water on to boil and salt well. Add your Pasta when it’s boiling.
Heat a sauté pan with some Oil and chop your veggies and Garlic . Pop everything in the pan and saute until it all has a little colour pop in Pasatta give everything a good stir.
Reserve a little pasta cooking water and then drain Pasta. Add Pasta to veggie sauce with a little of the cooking water to help it stick.
Plate everything and grab the Cherry Tomatoes out of the oven to put in top with a good sprinkle of fresh Basil.

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