Lentil, Sweet Potato and Harissa soup.


This is definetly on my list of must have winter foods. A favourite of my best friend too! I have a complete love affair with Harissa hot, sweet and spicy. It’s my little jar of culinary heaven.

Recipe :
Two large Sweet potatoes (or three medium)
2/3 of a cup of Red Lentils
A clove of garlic
1-2tbs Honey
1-2 tsp Harissa paste.

Makes about 6 servings.

Peel and chop the potatoes , add into a pan with enough water to cover by about an inch (you may need a little more a little later if it gets too dry ) add the lentils and the clove of garlic. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer until the lentils have all but dissolved and the potato is falling apart.
At this point remove the garlic clove. Then add everything to a bender , it will already be quite “soupy” but this helps make it nice and smooth !
Add honey and Harissa to taste , with a big sprinkle of salt to pull everything together.

I garnish this with toasted Pumpkin seeds and fresh Parsley.

Enjoy !

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