Pizza for breakfast.

Who said you shouldn’t eat Pizza for breakfast? Who are they and what do they know ?


This beautiful little number is a perfect way to brighten up a morning and send you off into the world with a skip in your step. I know. I’m waaayy to cheesey … but you have to admit it’s pretty right?

Not too much of a recipe per say, just a nice round of watermelon adorned with your favorite fruits and herbs. This particular concoction showcased and incredibly majestic looking dragonfruit ! I had aquired it from my local Farmers Market and was pleasantly suprised to discover it’s magenta hue when I cut into it. Just perfect….Sorry I digress.
This baby was loaded with said Dragon fruit , Mango, Blackberries , Blueberries and a lovely mix of fresh Mint and Basil.
Nothing crazy, just simply celebrating fresh fruit at its finest.


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