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Roasted Butternut and Kale Salad.


I adore Butternut Squash. There’s just something so rich and delicious about it. It can carry really lovely flavors with added spices too. It’s definetly in my top ten all time favourite favourite foods. I love it in soups and casseroles, roasted or mashed. It even makes a pretty yummy Lasagne too. Pasta sauce, you name it this little Veggie can do it. They’re an excellent little nutritional powerhouse and they keep for weeks because of their tough outer skin. If you Bake it in its skin ,  the skin actually becomes pretty soft and chewy too. I just absolutely adore these little beauties. I like to get medium sized ones or smaller ones. The Darker the skin colour the sweeter I find them. The big ones tend to be a little watery for me. I like flavors that pack a punch.

This Salad is as simple as it gets. But with heaps of Raw kale under , it’s pretty nutritious as well as beautiful. Please don’t be put off with Raw Kale. It’s massaged and squished so it doesn’t take ten year to chew.. it’s soft and a bit more delicate. Kale can be pretty robust, but with this method it really is lovey. And can be made in advance. I like to serve this with the Squash warm. But I think room temperature would be fine too of you wanted to make ahead!

1 Medium Butternut
A few Chipolinni onions ( optional )
Oil (high heat I used Avacado )
Sprinkle of Paprika
Fresh Rosemary

For the Kale :
Bunch of Kale I used curly Kale today
Juice of a Lemon
2 Tbs Tahini  (optional I like it to add creamy but only use it sometimes)
Olive oil (you can whip out the EVOO here since it’s raw of you like )
1 Tsp Maple
Chilli flakes (optional – some like it hot )

Toppings : seeds and dried fruit (I used Tart Cherries )

Preheat the oven to 400°. Peel and chop the squash into 1cm cubes. Toss in a good glug of oil with Salt , Rosemary and Paprika. Toss in peeled Chipolinni if using also.


Pop on a baking sheet and pop in the oven for 30 -40 minutes depending on how crispy you like the edges.

Whilst that’s cooking you can make the Kale. Wash Kale, pat dry and tear into bite size pieces , removing tough stems. Pop into a large bow. And squeeze lemon over. Add salt and a splash of oil too. Pop Tahini in too if using.
Now the messy bit. Stick your hands in and get squishing. You really want to work the Lemon juice into the leaves as this is what helps break down the toughness. Keep rubbing and massaging till everything’s turned a little darker and intense green. Then drizzle with a little more oil and tiny bit of Maple to take the Lemons edge off. Sprinkle with chilli if using . This can be left to sit for a good while so don’t panic.

Once the Butternut and Chipolinni are all set. Pop then out of the oven and top the Kale with them. Add any of your optional toppings and serve.

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