In the Garden

Late Spring in the Little Blue Garden!


This as my absolute favourite time of year. When the warm weather is well on its way and the Garden jusy springs into life ! The Peach tree looks amazing and the fruits just starting to blush. It’s just such a wonderful thing to watch. Walking round the tree spotting the different size shapes and colours on the many many fruit. Makes me so happy. Nature really is a beautiful thing.


The Blueberry Bushes aren’t one to be outdone mind and are all starting to develop a wonderful powder blue hue ready to darken and sweeten.  I love how happy and colourful the whole place is at this time.


Our little veggie section is looking cute too with some beautiful mini Yellow tomatoes. The plant isn’t very big but it’s laden with lots of flowers and fruit. Super proud of this little beauty.


I have a lovely Pepper coming through and I’m excited to see what colour it turns (thanks to not remembering what colour I planted …I’ll have a lovely suprise ).


Some beautiful flowers on the Watermelon Plants and the Courgette plants have me excited too!!


And last but not least… my gorgoeus Dwarf Pomegranate bush has some wonderful little blooms coming up … keeping my fingers crossed for some flowers and fruit over Summer !

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