Breakfast Rice Pudding!


Ok. So. Confession. I have no idea how you’re supposed to measure Rice. Packet portions ? Who am I feeding here exactly ?? What person eats that amount of Rice ?? Why isn’t there an easy way to do this ?? I can’t waste all this food ! The struggle is real….
So other than me being inept at portion control , let’s figure a solution. Rice Pudding. For breakfast. I know. But seriously , why not ? Slow release carbs ? Check. Almond milk protein ? Check. Fruit topping? Check. I could be describing any other Breakfast grain here. So why not Rice ? Specially if it stops wasting perfectly good cooked Rice. I was sold. It was creamy and delicious , and felt like a real treat too.
I made the base the night before , just like I would Overnight Oats, so it was already waiting for me first thing. I really love breakfasts like that.  Next time I’ll be cooking rice , I’ll be sure there’s some left over ! This recipe made two portions!

Recipe :
1 Cup Cooked Rice
1-2 Cups Almond Milk (or milk of choice
1 Tsp Vanilla
1 Tbs Sweetner of Choice
Optional 1tbs  Chia seeds.

Topping :  Fresh Fruit , Fresh herbs , Nut Butter

Mix cooked Rice , with 1 – 1.5  Cup Milk, add sweetner and Vanilla and Optional Chia.
Pop in a bowl in the fridge over night.

Next morning see what the consistency is like and thin out with more Milk if needed. Top with what ever fruit you have on hand and fresh herbs to keep things exciting. Some Nut Butter would work great here too !

Hope you like it!

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