Banana Pops!


It’s getting warm here. Like lazy day by the pool weather. My favourite kind of weather. Not the intense scary hot of Florida Summers but that lovely build up.
So to expand my repertoire of poolside delights , something cold and sweet was on the cards. I know Banana pops are nothing new. But I love these. And they always seem to hit the spot and stop me from some major food envy whist everyone else tucks into fancy Icecreams!
I made these two different ways this time , but to be honest the combinations are endless. You can choose the dip, the nuts, go all fancy and add dried fruit. Really the choice is yours. But these are this weekends options and I hope you like them! I may add more as I go. Another favourite of mine is Almond Butter and Honey dip with Tart Cherries. I’ll snap them and add them next time I make them.


Recipe :
2 Bananas
1/3 Cup Carob
2 Tbs Nut Butter
1 Tbs Oil/ Shorting Melted  ( I have an organic shortening thay works really well to set carob )
Almond Milk
1 tbs Maple Syrup ( or other sweetner )

Toppings : Pecans( chopped ) , Nut Butter , dried fruit , baked Buckwheat.

Pop your Bananas on sticks and put them in the freezer. I usually put them on a silicone baking tray.  Leave these 3-4 Hours to freeze ( or the night before –  I tend do make a batch of these then just store them in a bag in the freezer for when I want to dip them).

Once they’re frozen , add all other ingedients to make a pretty thick dip. Thin it with a little Almond milk if its too thick to dip.

Dip or drizzle away. Then roll in your selected topping. Pop back on the tray into the freezer for 15 minutes jusy to set.


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