Overnight Oats my way ! Keeping it simple and Raw.


This is one of my go to basic breakfasts. Specially if I’m out early the next day, I can knock it up the night before and I’m happy all day. I love the mixture of Oat and seed, it’s a great way to start your day. Also keeping the oats “raw” is also a natural dose of Probiotic goodness. I keep this sweet and creamy    and piled high with fruits. Berries are awesome here , but I’ve used chopped Peaches and grated Pear too and love those combinations too.
I add Chia seeds here as an excellent source of Omegas, but they also contain  Protein and Fibre, they’re a tiny little seed superfood!  If you aren’t familiar with them they are a little crunchy seed that soaks up several times thier size of fluid . So they kind of make this “set”. They’re a strange texture to get used too, but here is a good place to start as they mingle in with everything else.

This recipe is for 1 but you can multiply it easily.

Recipe :
1/3 Cup Oats.
1 Tbs Chia
Vanilla (powder , or paste)
Milk of choice
1 Tsp Sweetner of choice ( I like Maple or Honey here )

Selection of fruit to top

Optional : 1 tbs Buckwheat Groats

Pop Oats , Chia , Vanilla in a jar , and cover completely with milk then give an extra splash for soaking. Stir in sweetner. Stick the lid on and leave these overnight in the fridge to plump up.

Optional extra : for a little added crunch , I soak a tablespoon of buck wheat groats in water over night too, then rinse these in the morning as they will be a bit sludgy (this is why I don’t add them with the milk ).

In the morning your Oats will be read to top with your desired fruit and your sprinkle of Buckwheat if using. To grab go and enjoy !

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