Beet Burgers !


Ok. So this one was a little random I will admit. I’d been making Beetroot juice and decided that I wanted to use us the weird sawdust like stuff that comes back out if the juicer. My original plan had been Falafel. But I had some lovely Organic buns from my favourite Bakery, so decided Burgers were on tonight’s menu. And I’m pretty happy about that …

Recipe :
1 Carton Chickpeas drained
1 Handful Mint
1 Handful Parsley
1 Handful Corriander / Cilantro
1 1/2 Cups post juiced Beetroot (or finely grated should work too , maybe even a blitz in the processor ?)
3/4 cup Water
3tbs Ground Flax
Salt and Pepper
Tbs Oil  X2

To serve : Buns , Lettuce , and condiments of choice ( I used sweet chilli on the bun and a drizzle of Tahini ontop).

Start by putting the ground flax in the  water and let that sit. Then throw herbs and chickpeas in the processor , pulse till coarse but well chopped ( you should still have nice big flashes of green herbs in the crumbly chickpea .  Empty this into a large mixing bowl and add in your beet pulp. Give everything a light toss to mix. At this point pour in your flax egg , Salt , Pepper and oil , mix till incorporated.
Now squish your hands in, and lightly compress the mixture into burgers. You don’t want to crush them.


Heat your remaining oil in a non stick pan and place the burgers in when it’s hot , you want a nice crust on it to to ensure the burgers stay in tact. After the initial sizzle , drop the heat so the burgers cook through before burning , they don’t take very long 2-3 minutes per side !


Next step is to add these to you’re favorite bun , and all you’re own condiments. Enjoy !


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