Piri Piri Roasted Vegetable Cups


Ok so we’re actually having cold weather in Florida. Excuse me. This isn’t what I signed up for ?? Haha. So after a chilly day and a cold evening setting in my go to is always something spicy. My theory is it’ll warm me up from the inside. Bit of blonde logic there for you.

After a quick stop off at my favourite farmers market , I couldn’t help but be inspired by all the colours !! There was everything. So I came home laden with goodies of all kinds. Fruit, vegetables , nuts , herbs. And set to work. Colourful and spicy. And so these little Cups came to life. And I was sooo happy with them. Though if the cups aren’t your thing, just have a try roasting some veggies with Piri Piri spices. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Piri Piri is a blend of Chillis, Salt , Sugar , Paprika , Garlic , Lemon , Onion , Cumin , Oregano and Thyme. So it really packs a punch flavour wise! It is hot so of you like your food on the cooler side just do a light sprinkle on the veggies !


Recipe :

1 Sweet Potato. (Mine were red with a yellow center )
1 Baby Butternut
1/2 cup Lentils (I used black ones )
1 Red Pepper
1 Yellow Pepper
A few Cabbage leaves (I used red , but for something a little more refreshing I imagine Romaine lettuce would be great too)
Piri Piri spice blend
Oil of choice ( I used Avacado)
Limes (optional )

Start by heating the oven to 400°. Peel and chop the Butternut , chop the sweet potato. I did these in about 1cm cubes you don’t want them too big to fit a load in the cup. Chop the peppers in to larger chunks though as they will shrink a little and cook faster.  Once everything’s chopped , toss with the oil and a heaped tsp of the Piri Piri. Throw them on a baking sheet and pop in the oven for 30 mins to get nice and crispy.

While they’re happily roasting , put the lentils with plenty of water on to cook. They shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Once they’re cooked and tender , then add the frozen peas for a few minutes if using them. Drain everything together. Make sure you drain this well by the way !

Now comes the fun bit. Peeling the leaves off the cabbage… this takes a little love and patience. Something I’m not exactly accustomed to I must add haha! But after I’d torn the first few to shreds I seemed to get the hang of it ! Then I just rinsed the leaves and cut them in half down each side of the tough center stem  as mine were pretty huge !

Then it was time to fill them! I put a layer of the lentils and peas in first then topped with all the spicy veggies.
Sprinkled them with some Parsley and served with lime wedges !


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