Sage and Onion Mini Scones .


These little bites proved a little too addictive  ! These work well with a Cheese plate. I’d recently received a Plant based “goats cheese” as a gift and was looking for something to showcase it on. Crackers just didn’t have the same appeal. The idea of a scone was pretty simple , and a mini one to keep it light seemed like plan ….Besides I love anything in miniature **swoon** !! Soo I was thinking of flavors that would work and I had thought about my favourite stuffing. It  is always Leek and Sage , as it’s pretty classic in England. With plenty of Sage growing in the Garden it was crying out to be used !  Plus I find the smell of Sage strangely enchanting … but less of my weird fetishes and back to the food.


So here we have it !!

225g of Spelt Flour (2 cups ) any all purpose flour will work too.

2 tsp baking power

1/2 tsp Salt

55g  ( 1/2 stick) of EarthBalance(vegan)
or Cold butter.

150ml (2/3 cup) Milk of your choice – I used Almond.

1tsp dried garlic

1 bunch of Sage finely chopped

1/2 a Red Onion quite finely chopped

Pre heat the oven to 400°.

Put Flour , Baking powder and salt into a bowl. Add the Earth balance or Butter and use your hands to break the butter/spread  so it’s dispersed evenly and the mixture looks like bread crumbs.
Then add in the Garlic , Sage and Onion.
Then gently add the milk bit by bit until it’s incorporated. Try not to over mix or the scones will be heavy. If the mixture is a little sticky make sure to flour your work surface well.

At this point you can shape them however you would like. I just made a large rectangle and cut them into even squares. As long as they are the same size too cook evenly you have free reign to do what you like !

If you want a very golden top brush with a like milk or egg. But that step is optional.

Pop them into the hot oven for about 12 mins but keep a close eye on them !

These were lovely Warm but we still happily being munched at room temperature too!


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