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Something simple ❤ Simple Suppers : Loaded Naan with Harrisa spiced veggies.

I have to admit. I was so thrilled with the flavors in this dish and thought I was so clever piling them away onto this Naan. Until it was time to eat it… there is no way to do this elegantly guys. Just give up. You only live once. If hummus on your eyebrows is the consequence of these actions, then so be it…

My love of Harissa is never ending. What a magical little concoction of spices it is. If you’ve read the rest of my blog (first of all thank you) but you’ll know it’s one my favorite things to add to just about everything, this recipe being no exception.

I feel like we are only just appreciating Cauliflower and all its glory, it’s having it’s moment to shine on the buzziest food scenes at the minute. And so it should. This humble little cruciferous has so many uses, its currently being turned into everything from pizza bases to curries to gnocchi and even being popped into smoothies (not going to lie that one took some convincing on my part) but it works and its magic. One of my favorite things about this little beauty is its ability to absorb flavour. And it’s ability to adapt to so many combinations of flavour ( check out my cauliflower steaks recipe also). I love it. Its affordable, its healthy and you can make it into practically anything. Do I really need to go on?

Anyway. This simple supper packs a punch flavour wise, but oh how it makes me happy.

Recipe : Makes 2 Naan.

1/2 Large Cauliflower cut into florets

1 Cup Diced Butternut (or any other veg really )

Oil of choice

1/2-1 Tsp Harissa (some like it hot)



Optional toppings :

(but highly recommended)

Yogurt with rose water stirred through

Pomegranate Seeds


Preheat oven to 375°

Toss Cauli and other veg with the oil and harissa and roast for 30-40 minutes.

Pop the Naan in to warm with them for the last few minutes.

Once Naan is cool enough to handle, spread with hummus and top with veggies.

Optional toppings :

I use Silk plain almond milk yogurt and stirred through 1/2 tsp rose water. This was magical. I adored it. But rose is one of those love / hate flavours… so be warned. Stay away if people hate it – from the people who hate it I mean, not the rose.

Pomegranate seeds and Parsley just add a beautiful fresh note and I highly recommend.


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