Tahini Quinoa and Hummus Buddha Bowl!


I love the idea of these Bowls. I love just chucking a collection of goodies into one dish for a really satisfying meal with lots of colours  flavours and textures. Right now with all the Summer Veggies in, I’m making this one alot so thought I’d share it! 

I love Quinoa as a base for anything too. This protein rich little seed really fills you up without grains. I love using it in sweet dishes as well as savory.

This recipe made two bowls.

1/2 Cup Quinoa
Avacado oil
2 Courgette / Zucchini (I used different colours )
1 Pepper
1 Cup Mushrooms
2 Handfuls of Sugar Snap Peas.
Herb de Provence

Optional topping : Fresh Basil and Pine nuts.

Cook the Quinoa to packet instructions. Whilst this is cooking chop your veggies. I sauté the Courgette first together with a little Salt and the Avacado oil. Then pop them aside to do the Mushroom and Pepper with a little pinch of Paprika. Once they’re all cooked and the Quinoa is about ready , I quickly steam the Sugar Snaps.

When the Quinoa is ready, drizzle through some Tahini , a good pinch of salt and a tsp of Herb de Provence.

Then pile everything into a bowl and top with Hummus and an extra drizzle of Tahini. A few pine nuts work well here too.

Pile everything high in a bowl!

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