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Purple Falafel Salad ..


Ok. I know , Falafel isn’t meant to be purple. But I was so enthused by my Beet Burgers (made with juice pulp ) it got me thinking of more ideas. And Falafel is one of my most favourite foods on the planet, so …

These also work well in a wrap, by the way but I just decided tonight I’d go with salad, because we all know if it’s on a salad it’s healthy ….right ? (Ok , I know , I tried. But I’m not stopping eating these any time soon . Sorry, not sorry).
Besides, look how pretty they are !

Recipe :
2 Cups juice pulp (I had beetroot and carrot again)
1 Carton Chickpeas
1 Clove Garlic
1 Handful Parsley
1 Lemon juice and Zest.
2 tsp Cumin
3/4 cup Water
3tbs Ground Flax
Flour to bind ( I used Chickpea , but regular is fine )
3 tbs Corn Flour (corn starch or substitute for regular again )

Optional : wrap or selection of yummy Veg for Salad and a good drizzle of Tahini or Sweet Chilli.

Combine water and flax and leave to sit for a while.
Blitz Chickpeas in processor with Garlic and Parsley to roughly the same size as your juicer pulp stuff. Then add your pulp and give it a pulse to combine.


All the jazzy colours start to combine.
At this point either remove blades from processor or transfer mix to bowl to mix in your Cumin, Salt and Flax egg. I Salt pretty generously here. Then zest lemon and juice it right into the bowl.

The next step can really depend on how sticky your mix is. I added a good 3 tbs of Chickpea flour here to make mine bind. You may need more or less. You need it to hold together well though.

Once you’ve got a bit of a doughy consistency. It’s time to start rolling !


I did a big-ish inch ball. Then to get them crispy I covered them with a dusting of corn flour. I’m pretty sure for best results you should roll them in the flour , but being a naturally lazy person I find a good 30 second sprinkle with a sieve just fine…


It looks like snow !
Sorry , I digress.
Once everyone’s happily dusted , heat a few tbs of oil in a pan . I pan fry these as opposed to deep fry. I also use Avacado oil as its safe at high temperatures so is good for this type of thing.(*** Please use something with a high smoke point. Denatured oils are not a good thing ***)

At this point I cooked them like meatballs. Dropped them in and waited to get a good seal before rolling them over.

After a few minutes and each side is nicely crisped up , you’re ready to go !


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