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Something Simple ❤Simple Suppers : Sweetpotato Quesadillas

Every one knows I love a good kitchen gadget. You know. Those things you use once then never touch again until you find them whilst looking for something else… and remember why you have it and how much you love it… ? Come on. Don’t pretend I’m the only one…

Well I recently refound this little beauty. To pop Quesadillas on the grill. I know, genius. Specially if you’re like me and have the coordination of a drunk trying to flip Quesadillas in a pan.

So the grill was on. And these little darlings were born. Very similar to a recipe in my book – mexican feast but happily grilled instead.

Now everyone knows of my love of all things Sweetpotato. And sweetpotatoes and salsa to me are a match made in heaven. Since we know it’s an unwritten law to have salsa with quesadillas, well. Here we are.

Perfectly simple. Perfectly satisfying. Perfectly easy. Can we have anymore conditions for the simple suppers series ? Other than me laying off the alliteration?

Recipe :

Makes about 4 full Quesadillas. How many you feel that serves is your call not mine.

2 Medium Sweetpotatoes

1 Large Red Bell Pepper

3/4 Cup sweetcorn (I thawed frozen)

3/4 Cup black beans

4 Tortilla

1 Cup grated Cheese of choice ( I used Aldi’s vegan cheese) but whatever you like.

Salsa of your choice to serve. ( You’ll be surprised to hear I also used Aldi’s organic)

Pop a medium saucepan of water on to boil while you peel and dice the sweet potatoes. Once they’re tender, about 20 mins or so, drain and mash with a good pinch of salt and a little olive oil, (so you can spread the potatoes easily but not make them liquid). Leave to cool slightly. Whilst you slice the pepper, then prep the sweetcorn and beans.

At this point I popped the grill onto a medium flame and let it start heating.

At this point I started assembling. Spraying a little oil onto the mesh of my new toy to prevent sticking, as I found it easier to lay the tortilla out onto the mesh and then fill.

Building with Sweetpotato first and then topping happily with everything else. Carefully sandwiching everything together and carefully popping onto the grill and turning every couple of minutes until golden and crispy. Then repeating for the others. Falling happily in love with my little grilling tool all over again ❤

If you want to serve them all together, I recommend popping them into a low oven to keep warm while you work. These really are best warm and crispy.

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