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Something simple ❤ simple suppers : Nachos

So who said you can’t have Nachos for dinner? I certainly didn’t. Infact. I’m not one huge advocate for them. It may have happened several times now and the only thing that that makes me is happy.

This is the easiest thing you will ever even blink at. And it’s delicious. And most people are happy when they see nachos. Most people. If your friends arent one those – I advise you find new friends if I’m honest.

I cheat here massively. I use my favourite salsa. Everyone has one… and I just add some fresh goodies to it.

I’ve played with a few vegan cheeses here but if you have a cheese preference by all means – go for it. No one’s judging here.

Recipe for 2 of the portions shown above – once again eaily multiplied.


1 Red pepper

1 Husk Corn or 1/2 cup ish frozen corn

2 Tbs Black beans (optional)

1/2 Jar of Salsa

Splash of oil of choice

1 Portion of Tortilla chips

Sprinkling of cheese of your choice

2 Spring onions

Dice pepper and cut corn from husk.

Heat a small frying pan, and saute veggies in oil till softened. Add black beans if using and then stir in salsa.

Warm through. And remove from heat.

Meanwhile add the tortilla chips to an oven safe dish sprinkle with cheese and pop under a low broiler or oven until cheese has melted. Keep a close eye in this, they’ll burn fast.

Top with the warm salsa or serve on the side. With a good sprinkle of spring onions on top too!

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