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Something simple ❤ Simple suppers : Blackbean Stirfry

You know lately finding the time for the things I love has been a little difficult. Travel.Work. Illness. Holidays. One after the next. And I’ve been throwing whatever I can into a pan, wok, soup or oven, on an evening to make something easy. Sometimes quick and easy. But no matter what I still want to enjoy my food and respect my body. So over the last few months I have accidentally created a small handful of “go-to” meals. For those nights when sustenance needs as little effort as possible, here are some of my suggestions. I hope you enjoy them like I do, take a look at these simple suppers.

Recipe 1 : Black Bean stirfry.

So confession. This recipe was half inched from my bestie. When I travelled to Australia last year, after a day of three flights. My darling girl made something similar to this for me after collecting me from the airport. I was starving and after the first few mouthfuls I slowed down to realise just how much I was enjoying it.I have been obsessed with it ever since. Kate served it with rice noodles and I highly recommend this option as it just seems to make it, it feels a little more exotic and well everyone loves noodles what else do I need to say? I’ve swapped out the veggies a few times and there hasnt been a combination that hasn’t worked so far with this super simple dressing and really quick easy dish. If these arent the veggies you have, just aim for a 3-4 cups of mixed veggies of choice. It sounds like alot of garlic and ginger but it works I promise.

I love black beans in stirfrys just to add a little protein, but edamame would be great here too, or tofu if that’s your thing!

Massive thank you to Kate and Alex 🙂

Serves 2

1 cup chopped Broccoli

1 Red Pepper diced

1 small Courgette(zucchini) (or a cup of aubergine/eggplant)

1/2 Punnet of mushrooms.

1/2 cup Cooked Blackbeans (I use tins)

1 Thumb size piece of fresh ginger diced finely

3 cloves of garlic

Splash of oil of choice. I use avocado.

1-2 tsp Sesame oil

1-2 Tbs Soy sauce /shoyu

Use this as a guide to taste. I’ve found certain veggies need a stronger amount of one or the other.

To serve : rice or noodles

Optional toppings- Sesame seeds or Spring Onions.

Depending on rice or noodles, prep according to packet instructions, you may need to start rice in advance but noodles can cook along side quite quickly.

Prep all veggies, and heat a wok on medium high with a splash of oil in. Once hot, add garlic and ginger cook for a few seconds in the oil and then all veggies to the wok. Let them sear a little and then keep it moving. That’s the beauty of a wok. A high temperature and a quick cooking time. Once veggies are softened and nearly cooked, (it won’t take too long) add sesame oil and soy/shoyu and keep on the move for a little longer. Finally adding in the black beans to warm through.

Dish up along side the rice or noodles. And top with spring onions or sesame seeds if you’re using them !

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