Long weekends and light lunches 💛Fully loaded Hummus 💛 Mediterranean style.

Excuse the whole plantbased diet / hummus cliche… But I do love hummus. And it’s many flavours, varieties and accompaniments. It’s just an easy little go to kind of meal or snack. It can be made as plain and simple as you like or really pack a punch . I love how more varieties of hummus are becoming main stream too. Being made with different beans and pulses. Not just your classic chick pea any more… Not that my love of chickpeas will ever wane mind, let’s just get that clear.

Love the new trend with dessert hummus too – (watch this space for a post in the next few weeks on dessert hummus three ways). For those of us with a sweet tooth I very much advise you trying these satisfying little numbers.

But this post is about making it into it’s own meal. Or at the least its own course. I love this idea and I play with lots of different mixes of veggies too, not just a Mediterranean mix. But I have to say this one seems to be the one I keep pulling back too. I also love hummus as a side to chunky chips (fries). You all know my affinity with anything potato based…And chunky chips and hummus are a match made in heaven for a lazy night in front of the TV. I occasionally swap it out for sweet potato chips and a red pepper hummus. Hmmmm. I’m making myself hungry now.

This post is more of a suggestion than a recipe really, a blue print to add and mix how you want 💛 the suggestions are somewhat endless.

I really like this warm and served with some form or warmed bread. But it’s still good at room temperature too.

This recipe makes two of the bowls above. But doubling this recipe for a platter is also a good shout.


Half a Fennel Bulb

1 Red Pepper

Handful of Grape Tomatoes

1/2 Courgette / Zuccini

^^ roughly the same amount of Aubergine / Egg plant

Olive Oil

A good pinch of Herb de Provence


1 Tub of your favourite Hummus or one batch of home made.

Optional : fresh herbs or pesto.

Serve with any : Pita, crackers, Kulcha, Naan, Chips.

Preheat the oven to 400°. Chop your veggies and toss in oil, herbs and salt.

Roast for 25 minutes.

Serve on top of your desired amount of hummus while still warm. And top with either herbs or pesto.

Now go ahead and dig in!

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