A trip out if town and lots of new recipe inspiration πŸ’›

So guess who’s been off on her travels again? This time to the Big 🍎. New York. One of my all time favourite cities. I love that town. Something about it always feels like home.

Food there is insane, and is very much part of the fast paced, high demand culture that helps define this busy city. From street food (those warm nuts though 😍) to pizza on each corner, to Amish Markets all the way to silver service A la Carte menus. This city has it all.

With lots of eating out and new markets I’ve had some serious recipe inspiration and I’m buzzing with excitement to play with some new flavours. This is what I found at Grand Central Market. This amazing little gem of a spice market. The smell was incredible and they had tea all along the other side! Swoon ❀ so after collecting more spice packets and teas and flavoured sugars than I would care to admit, off I wandered through the rest of Grand Central with a huge smile on my face and a spring in my step. (And my mouth full of delicious warm cashews).

How can you not fall in love?

Having had some beautiful plant based meals around the city. Packing lots of flavour combinations with lots of different grains and seeds and fresh organic breads πŸ’› . I love how plant based meals are becoming more and more main stream along with organic and shop local themes. These things are all so close to my heart, and it’s important to me to not only know what I’m eating, but where it’s come from. I’m so grateful to see these movements on the rise. (Ok I’ll stop talking now – you might have guessed I’m rather passionate about these things).

But yess. Deliciousness please.

Keep an eye out for new recipes coming soon combining all elements from my trip πŸ’š

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