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Welcome to the Winter Warmer Series, with The Little Blue Garden 💙 Sweet Potato and Sweet Pea Soup. 

So we are pretending it’s Winter now in Florida. Our reasoning ? Well it’s dark early…. That counts for something, I think?
Well. It’s the time of year where my head thinks being cosy inside is the way forward. And that equates to soup to me. There is jusy something wonderful about a big bowl full  of colour and some crusty bread to dunk away in.   To be honest, I am a major soup lover. Its one of my ultimate comfort foods.  I’m constantly throwing random combinations of different vegetables, grains and different types of stock together to come up with something new.  And this little combination is one I keep coming back to. I hope once you’ve tried it, you will too. Super simple ingredients. Super simple cooking. Super satisfying. It took me literally everything I have not to type “souper” there. I know. I probably need to get out more … 

So here it it is. This serves 2 but can easily be multiplied. 

Recipe :

1 Large Sweet Potato 

1 Large Carrot 

1/3 Cup Barley

5/6 Cups veggie stock. 

1tsp Tomato paste 


1 heaped cup of frozen sweet peas

2 Spring onions /green onions 
Peel and dice the root veggies into appx 1cm cubes. Pop them in a saucepan with the veggie stock, barley and tomato paste. Give everything a good mix and add a pinch of salt. 

Bring this to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes. Keep occasionally giving a stir to make sure nothing is sticking. 

Once the veggies are tender add the frozen peas and cook for a few more minutes until hot through. 

Serve with plenty of chopped spring onions on top.  

Perfect for those cold nights where warmth needs to be on the menu! 

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