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Happy Halloween 🎃 Sooouper scary squash. 

Happy Halloween from the The Little Blue Garden everyone💛.

Wow, doesn’t time fly when your life is falling apart ? Halloween already?! Did I fall asleep and miss a few months….? Genuinely wouldn’t shock me. 

So, erm this morning I got up and it was chilly. Like actually chilly. Someone clearly turned the heat off in Florida over night! It really felt like an Autumn /Winter start. Not complaining. I have to say after the summers scorching heat here in the south, some cool air is more than welcome. So here we are, fall has arrived. Along with new colours and flavours and I’m in love with all of it. 

Little bit of Farmers market love right there. Look at that colour !

You know I love to celebrate with all that is in season, this recipe is true to style. Celebrating all that is beautiful about squash, the colour, the flavour and the versatility. I have to admit for me,  Butternut is king, but this recipe would lend itself beautifully to Pumpkins aswell. Or go all out and mix them together. 

This soup is a comfy, warming, homey deal. With gentle spices its just perfect for a cold night in. Besides being this beautiful shade I can’t help but smile when I make it.

Serves 4 

1 Medium Butternut Squash

1 Large Sweet potato 

1 cup Red lentils 

3 Thin slices of Ginger 

3 cloves Garlic 

1tsp Tumeric 

1/2 Tsp Cardamom 


Veggie stock. (Its going to take a lot but kind of depends on the size of the vegetables)
Optional toppings : Seeds and Parsley 
Super simple, just like me!

Peel and chop butternut and sweet potato, pop into a large sauce pan pour in the lentils and cover with vegetable stock. Drop in the slices of ginger and the peeled garlic and stir in the turmeric, cardamom and a good pinch of salt. 

Bring to the boil then reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes or until the veggies are fork tender. Making sure to give it a good stir once in a while.  You might need to top up the vegetable stock every now and again if it’s getting a little dry or thick. 

Once everything is soft and squishy blend until silky  smooth. Keep and eye out to make sure the ginger is pureed well!

Top however you like…. preferably some silly faces. 

I do recommend some crusty bread to dunk too ! 

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