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A taste of home 🇬🇧. Cornflake Tart. Northern and proud ❤ 

After spotting a conversation on social media the other day about school meals and desserts someone mentioned Cornflake Tart, and that was it. The only thing I could focus on for the rest of the day was replicating it. Work ? Yeah. That didn’t get done. This is pretty much the only fond memory of Primary school food that I can think of to be honest. The reconstituted mashed potato served with an Ice cream scoop is not quite day dream worthy…. 

So that day off into the kitchen I went. To remake this mini nostaligic masterpiece. Have to say I cheated with some pre made vegan pastry (judge me if you may).  And the rest really was childs play. Once it was ready, and my vanilla sauce was on the hob ( we had it with custard traditionally at school). I was feeling pretty smug and naturally started snapping photos and sending them to a load of other Brits out here. When it happened…. Non of them knew what it was or what I was on about ?!? I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a British thing. Then a Northern thing? Nope. Maybe it was only served in the collieries ? What was wrong with all of these other peoples childhoods?! After another social media post it appeared my immediate school area at home knew, and some of the nearby towns. But every one else seemed rather perplexed by the whole thing…. so here to break the mystery a little. Is my very own version of a Cornflake Tart. 

This sweet sticky deliciousness is rich and cloying in that more-ish childish way. A little goes along way. Unless you’re me and just eat until you get a sugar headache. This a once in a while treat kind of dish. But if you fancy it more often… I won’t tell if you don’t. 

Don’t knock until you try it. Seriously. 

Would I ever lead you astray ?  

Recipe : 

1 pie crust 

1/3 Cup Treacle  / golden syrup 

1/4 Cup Earth Balance 

2 Tbs Brown Sugar

3 Cups Cornflakes 

1/2 Tsp Salt

1 Cup Stawberry Jam 

 I made my tart in a deep square baking dish. 7×7 but this recipe would make a 9″ no worries. I had more Cornflake mix over I made onto little nests after aswell…

Bake the crust according to pack instructions, preferably with baking beans or something to bring out a nice flat crust with high sides. As this bakes start your Cornflake mix. 

Melt earthbalance and treacle and sugar until it’s one delicious sugary sweet harmonious mix. Dont boil. Pour this over your cornflakes toss together to coat and sprinkle in your salt. Your crust should be about ready. While it’s still warm (and being careful, spread the jam out over the bottom of the crust.  Theb gently spoon over your sticky sweet Cornflake mix. Pop back in the oven for 5 minutes and bring out of the oven to set up. Leave this to cool and set further. 
I recommend a hot custard or my vanilla sauce to serve with this to send you into a complete food coma.  (You can find the recipe on my Peach blueberry crumble page).  However my friend happily munched on it without the next day and was more than happy with the effort ❤.

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